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Some well meaning advice for those who choose to carry firearms (really…. I am writing this with the best of intentions).


Appreciate your opinion, I was just musing about the signage - I prefer to stay out of the limelight. As for gun rights across the US, I understand them, and if not, know where to find the states individual firearms regulations. Yes, the poor woman in NJ was just an abomination of the law. I lived in NJ, I don't plan to go back, but one never knows.


Our carry permit training specifically instructed us to inform law enforcement of a firearm present when in a traffic stop. Not sure I understand your warning. In fact, in TN, during a stop, the officer asked if I had a firearm on board, why - because my license information contained my carry permit information. I didn't and that was that.


Deadly force is just that, it must be the absolute last choice. It is not a choice I ever plan to take, its just a last resort option.


Thanks for the comments.



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Hi RB,


Certainly if you are required by law to disclose you are carrying concealed, I,would do that.  For any state that has reciprocity with your permits.  I was thinking of the restrictive states like NJ that do not have reciprocity.  The logical thing to do if you are traveling through would be to unload and lock your firearms in a case.   In that instance, I would NOT answer any questions about firearms or give permission to search.  Politely and respectfully of course.


Many folks not from NY / NJ area are aghast when I tell them about the crazy NJ gun laws.   They just passed a ban on mags over 10 round capacity.  How does 18 months in prison sound?  Just wanted to warn fellow travelers not to fall victim to that craziness.  Brian Aiken is the guy sent to prison for possession of his legally owned, unloaded pistols.  Gov Christie commuted his sentence, but did not pardon him.


Travel safe my friend.  Hope our paths cross sometime soon.





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Massachusetts used to have signs on all highways entering the state, mandatory automatic 1 year in jail, first offense, any firearm anywhere in the vehicle. If not in possession of Massachusetts license for it.


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Just a FYI for those that may be traveling with a firearm. I came across this a few years ago "Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States". www.gunlawguide.com  It gives detailed information for each state.  Also you may consider:   https://www.usconcealedcarry.com ...Lots of really bad things have happen to really good people just trying to protect themselves.



Sue & Harold


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