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  1. Another Yeomans tale from an ingenious Oliver owner. Great effort. The downside - Oliver has yet to execute a manufacturing process that reduces variation to very small percentages . This is just one more tale of failure. This is not a communication error in an inverter, Nor is it a solar charge optimization issue. it is a connect the part A to part B failure. Not simple, but every day stuff in modern manufacturing. At $70K plus for a rolling boat - Olive has work to do, RB Former Happy Oliver Owner.
  2. Sometimes you just don't have the right tool. The standard floor plan- sleep two adults and a small child n rear- the dinette - the other. Otherwise any Rube Goldberg you devise will be more work than you will want. The Oliver - in my experience - will more than keep up with anything you can throw at it. We have done many 1000K days, stopped in a wally world, or other - and "camped" with all the comfort of home. A truck with a properly set up topper worked for us with the kids - the boys loved sleeping in their own place. When in the wilds - a tent was their choice of home. Your issue is not the Oliver - its the request to make it something its not - a 4 person sleeper - with the kitchen dinette area open most of the time - rainy days- ha. Wish you well. RB
  3. This should be required viewing for any question related to the ? - will my TV handle the EII. A very good primer - RB
  4. If I was in your shoes - and I really liked my Taco, I would go the EI route. No doubt about it. Now if I was to upgrade the TV - still go the smaller O". However, if I was going to need room for 2 the decision would become more of a challenge. RB
  5. I had to laugh at this - a friend had a problem with his Xantrex - I was trying to help - and standing on your head with a light to get the serial number -was something I remember. Xantrex was very good to work with in this case - and eventually sent a replacement. have nothing but praise based upon my experience.
  6. Who wanted to see the paperwork - didn't realize there were pet cops out there. Never heard of this before - guess I'm aware now. RB
  7. Yes you can program to use the speakers - our 2018 was set to do so - I can not remember the process and alas we no longer have Ollie to use as reference. The instruction manual had the details. Good Luck. RB Formerly of #359
  8. A wonderful couple arrived this morning to pick up their new to them Ollie #359. I'll let them introduce themselves when they are ready. Our time with Ollie was one filled with fun times, interesting places, and great new friends. I remembered what I went through during our orientation at our Ollie purchase - and lamented upon the stories shared here on the forum relating to things some didn't fully understand after the orientation and struggled with at the campground for the fist time. I did not want the new Oliver owners to go through a less than through purchase. So this was not the ordinary person to person sale - my goal was to share as much and many learnings as I could - fully explaining the systems, features, and quarks of Ollie ownership. The new owners left about 5 hours later - with a video history of the entire "orientation". I feel comfortable knowing Ollie is in good hands - and more importantly - the folks are set up to enjoy Oliver with reduced stress and concern. Tally Ho!! I know the Oliver family will take good care of them- and heartily welcome them when the time is right. To the future, RB Minus the Oliver.....
  9. Very telling - actually. Seems AS was more interested in making $$ than building a competitive RV. Surely AS has the capital, manufacturing capability and engineering support to build the unit - but not the intestinal fortitude to make it happen.
  10. My Dometic requires you to hold the button in for a few seconds. Once I figured that out - it has been a very good unit. Make sure its on auto - once it remains "on". It may take a few attempts. RB
  11. Yes - they seem to be well ahead of their ski's . Competition is good for the this - and all industries.
  12. In the 20k miles we towed Ollie - an EII- with our GMC duramax diesel - we averaged about 14.33367893 MPG. Okay - it is really between 14 and 15. The majority of the miles (60/40) was probably on the big roads - avg about 65 mph. Try to stay about 70, but sometimes a little above, a little below. It makes a difference if we are headed west - or returning -east. We have seen as high as 17 and as low as 12 - for a full tank to tank measurement. Last trip - 4800 - avg 14. It is very consistent over time. While this is decent MPG and pretty average for the set-up - the real story is how well the unit tows - and the ease of a long day behind the wheel. Comfortable - and you never worry about the load. As a coworker used to tell me - don't worry about the mule - just load the wagon. I have to spend an extra $50 every -10k miles to change fuel filter, and oil changes are a little more expensive than my old gas V-8. Diesel is usually a little more than gas - but not always! Overall - the added cost balances out the overall satisfaction level. Warning - one can wander off in the mind - and look down to find your doing 80 +. There is no feel difference from 65 -85 - esp. if you jamming out to good R n R. RB
  13. Add then add for the crazy times we find ourselves in today. I have sold several higher dollar recreation and farm items in the last two months - I could have gotten many more $$$ than I asked - the market has moved much higher than I ever imagined, Similar to what you hear about in the Real Estate market - you have to experience it to believe it - just amazing. RB
  14. After three years - here is my list of improvements: Turn the grease fittings inward - Make the rubber mat in the storage cubicle all one piece - no joint. Put a modern AC on the roof. Less than 60 dBs, 15 amp current draw - at 105 degrees outside temps. Relocate dump valves so you don't need to open the hatch to drain tanks. My Dometic fridge - I hated at first - I have come to like it - it works fine- and is versatile - it has performed well. The AGM solar set up was very well designed - for the cost. It works well for us. I have yet to understand the move to LI - given the current level of technology, user friendliness, and cost. Not knocking it - just don't see the end result adding up. But then mine was a 2018 - I'm guessing the newer models leave more to be desired............ Making things larger, longer, bigger - well - its not an EII then, Its a larger unit - probably approaching the upper limits of most 1/2 ton and the like TV's -Or finding a more flexible WDH. Double Hull fiberglass is heavy - add a few feet length .... add a little height, a little width. 40 gallon H20 is how many pounds, then the other tanks need to be enlarged, Well heck, the LI's are much less weight, so there. Other than some issues that were build related -our Oliver was a very good TT. RB
  15. I do not know the $$ of the Oliver LI platinum package - over that of the AGM - but one of our posters indicated the cost to upgrade to LI was in the neighborhood of $8500. Seems that buys many years of replacement AGM's Add a low cost gen set - and just smile as you go about your travels. RB.
  16. Heat tolerance of automotive lead-acid batteries - ScienceDirect Seems so - according to these guys. As to LI - another reason I was not on the LI train. If I was to visit my family in desert AZ this summer - would I have a problem with the LI - maybe. So how do those with the LI set up deal with it - what does Oliver say about it. I need to AC my Oliver to protect the batteries??? Seems impracticable for the normal RV'er.
  17. Oliver maintenance tasks
  18. I just don't understand the need to turn the Oliver into - SOB. To adopt many of the suggestions would require significant re-engineering - a much larger Oliver - and for sure a much more $$$. Perhaps Oliver will consider a few of the ideas put forth - well perhaps.... The move to offer the new Lithium packages is a good move - but have you priced an Ollie lately- now lets add a variable list of options. I must say - Oliver has actually worked hard to standardize and reduce build options - and it just makes sense. Think of your Ollie as a base line TT. Now go have fun - customize as you wish. I was very happy with my EII - well ok - the jet engine on the roof was a bit much. Happy Trails RB
  19. I have always been impressed with how comfortable and useable our ollie has been while way off road. Off grid with a well set up Ollie is about as good as it gets when in the wilds - you can have your cake and eat a slice - too. And to top it off - many weeks of road scum, pine sap, the general yuk you get from the road - It all comes off at the next wash - Ollie looks good as new. Our 3 year old often was though of as a new unit by the "other" rv folks. We always invited every one - seems they often grew to love Ollie- even as they walked back to their metal tube. Safe travels all RB
  20. The one I inspected was - uninspiring. Visually nothing special , you kind of stepped down into it, very modern overall. We all have tastes of the varying kind. I am somehow stuck in my favor for automotive styling. Seems the older versions of things capture my fancy - especially the exterior styling. However, modern powertrains are simply astonishingly well executed. At a car show in Williams AZ, someone had a first gen Bronco - with all the best of modern chassis and powertrain - It was something to behold. I'd guess $150k worth. I also spent time with the new Vette - ok - I love it - but no mid life crisis here - it would not do me well to be divorced and have a new Vette sitting in my new Apartment parking spot. Safe travels All. RB
  21. Last leg completed. We ended up staying at what was rated as a "good" RV park just off the hwy. It was 108 degrees on the TV screen. Somehow fitting - as it was perhaps the worst of the trip - time to go home. Not sure how you run a big park with one bathroom per - and then turn the water off in the morning due to a leak! JJJ was not AAA. It was a great time - traveled a few roads - new to us, visited a few places we once haunted, and and overall had a good time. The icing on the cake - we met a wonderful couple in KC who are very excited to be the next owners of #359. Ollie has been a trusted partner in our jaunts across the the country - I'm sure the new owners will enjoy him as much as we did. I have commented on our ability to stuff Ollie with the needed things. Just wait till you empty yours - things seems to have multiplied. Even found that spare kitchen sink. Jeeeze. RB, CB, and H.
  22. Nice day but it is time. We are heading home had three routes to choose from but the one through KC won. Hard to believe I miss my gardens and all that mowing- but I do RB
  23. An interesting concept for sure and timing is key. Somehow hit the hot climates when not while also missing the snow in the 4 season regions. I would have to think about it some as there are places where I don't want to go back. Once was enough. R
  24. We all have gadgets, gizmos, and things we use often but forget how handy they can be: for off grid my two favorites are: the handy dandy German Military surplus " trinkwasser" water carrier And my Arb. Can't beat it for all the extra fluids and overflow. It runs of DC when moving and off grid, AC when on shore power. It will freeze if set that way or cool too your designated temperature. Sips power like a gentle hummingbird. What are yours??
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