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  1. From my experience - not much is legal in Cali anymore.
  2. Welcome - great to see you on the forum;
  3. Speed, just slow down, and you will be fine in a good many places. I've taken mine down some rough spots, go slow and the travel is not a big issue, unless its really large elevation changes in the road surface. Then its about clearance - The axle is fine. RB
  4. Gosh, so much good information. There is a trend developing - Glad everyone has the opportunity to test and explore. But it does come with a steep price tag. But then, if you can afford a fully optioned Oliver, what's a dollar or two more.... Have fun out there. RB
  5. and $99 fare from BNA on Southwest! with peanuts.... that's with a return flight.........
  6. What I've found over the last two years is our EII lives much larger than it would appear given its sqft. The EI would most likely feel similar with 1 person or 2 folks that don't need lots of space for comfort. For my money, about the only advantage of the smaller O - other than price, is the ability to tow with a smaller vehicle. Both are very nimble in smaller spots. Ditto on the fan - works fine as a vent hood.
  7. Spot on. I use a fixed mount. Works great.
  8. Neither. I would just make my own. But forced to choose - number 1 - at least the lumber looks weathered and reusable for some kind of cool project. Yes - tear it apart asap. But given they are both on HF frames - well.
  9. You can get the connector on the Bezos site, jut know it needs to be connected opposite from most. Double check the positive lead - Zamp does theirs "backwards" - look on the Zamp site for a looksi. Yes you will need the controller, if it is like my unit the port is wired straight to the batteries.
  10. Tools are important. BHNCB- "Seriously though, how do the sticker payloads for the Rebel and Raptor compare to the LC200" Perhaps close, but as a snobby 2500 GMC snob - your not in my world of payload, us snobs have a need to point that out...... we are special......Ha
  11. Yes John that is the bolt in question. Seems weird Jason and Ritchie don't remember repairing my unit - we did it in the rear parking lot - but they see a lot of stuff - memories wane. We used never seize on the bolt as described. No issues since - however i have greased it twice since then, and have a painted indicator stripe on the nut/bolt. If moves at all its easy to tell - and I visually check just every fuel stop. If I wasn't so busy with more important stuff - I might have replaced it with a double nut and bolt, but no issues since and I'm good with it.
  12. For this purpose, the LC200 has been near perfect. How’s that for snobbery? I didn’t notice anymore snobbery than the Chevy, GMC, Ford or Ram guy’s exhibit on occasion and a lot less the those 3/4 ton guy’s. For the record, if i could have safely towed my EII with my old 16 year old GMC - I would have, spending the $$$ for my newer truck, hurt way to much - snobbery comes at a high price.
  13. If you rarely camp off grid - its a waste of $$. If on the other hand, you spend the majority of time out - in the non grid world - it may make sense - We were out about 60 days last year - 45 or more were of grid, and usually in the wild, but lets say we spent 30 days free - $900 savings - so you can do the math - if you keep the Oliver a while, and go a lot, off grid - you'll eventually see a return that comes close. Now that doesn't come close to putting a value on the cool factor of staying in places that are just of the chart for WoW factor. Our limiting factor with composting toilet - is water- and that is easily extended. RB
  14. We spent a lot of time camping with two boys when they were still at home ( a long time ago) and I can see plenty of ways to incorporate the Oliver EII into a multi people camping centerpiece. Regular (well designed) tents along with a good awing system would be the cats meow when camping with kids. Back in the day it would have been like staying at the Ritz - .
  15. I must agree - we have spent much more time off grid, than on, and the solar and agm set up works just fine - However, I must admit, some of the time I need shore power for the AC - and I hate finding and paying for that type campground - so I am seriously considering a generator. It can go right next to the kitchen sink - and all the other crap I seem to think we need.
  16. Two years of use - my AGM's and the standard Oliver solar have been a decent set-up. Were it not for needing AC cooling every now and then, we would never need shore power. When the AGM's die, I'll look at the replacement options. If I was buying my Oliver today, I would seriously consider doing what Andrew K advised. As for Oliver selling the RV side of the business - money - lot of it - has a way of changing minds. Give it a few years - we will see. RB
  17. Nice meat . Similar to your experience Our berries have been really prolific this year. Blue berries, and blackberries. Way more than we can use, freeze or give away - however, my honey production as about a third of normal years. The wet spring just didn't help at all - the girls were house bound way to much.... The deer wrecked havoc on the garden while we were gone all of June - but its on the mend.... I looked at the Traeger LiL Texas pellet grill. I just can't get past the $$. we don't eat that much meat - but my son has nothing but great things to say about his. Perhaps one day I'll let my guard down. RB
  18. I once only purchased high quality (high dollar) tools and such, but honestly, the last several air tools, testing equipment and elec tools, and such - that were almost give away cheap from the "freight" place have performed so well I cannot complain if they fall apart the next time I use them. However, if I was full time needing the same equipment - perhaps not. $50 for a working hyd crimper - If I could get a good number of crimps out of it - great. I have used one of the "hammer" crimpers - and I was happy with the results - for the job at the time. RB
  19. Darn it JD. And all the while I thought it was about following the rules, my rules, and that always strikes my fancy. I actually am in arrears on my map - oh the horrors - However - I feel great .
  20. I only include if I have stayed overnight - in my Oliver- for all reasons.
  21. Make it simple, make it safe, and forget it - go buy an adequately sized TV.
  22. I'm gonna relocate by golly - the Bronco is just the bomb. Well not really - I don't even understand the hype - but hey, I usually don't....
  23. Seems 9600" is a concern. Mine doesn't like to ignite properly at this altitude. Really stupid I think. #359, 2018 build.
  24. I will add an update to this - This June, in Northern CO, at approx. 9654.39' above mean sea level, the furnace in our 2018 EII did NOT function properly. It work just fine at much lower altitudes. It would cycle on and off, seems ignition was hit or miss. I repeatedly rest it through the thermostat, and it eventually ran - sort of.... I haven't done any research on it yet, but with 1" snow and 31degrees, the darn thing (Atwood) needs to work. RB
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