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winterizing Anti Freeze leaking from seep hole fwd of steps


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It was 22 degrees in the North East last night, i discovered anti freeze dripping from the seep hole just fwd of the steps, i also noticed the PSI on the two faucets non existent . I checked all hatches no water visible or wetness. Checked shower drain fitting all appears normal, will pull a drawer tomorrow and look under sink . This might be a major issue if tanks need to be pulled .......any ideas?IMG_2013.thumb.jpg.3f12d0b3f44b0abce7284d8a3b3323d8.jpg


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Here's a thought....


We had a water leak, truly, not much, from the weep hole below the refrigerator; we have an Elite II. Didn't think much about it. Maybe condensation?


Then, over time, months later on a trip we noticed more water leaking from that same weep hole. We pulled the drawers below the sink and removed the internal back of the cabinet, just two screws, and found the "P" trap for the sink had loosened and was leaking the water when we used the sink. Over time and due to the vibration of traveling it had loosened the lock ring more. We tightened it and....no more leak.


I pour anti-freeze in my "P" traps during winterizing. Water will always find it's own path. Maybe you've got a loose pumping connection? Could be going to a different weep hole? Maybe the bathroom "P" trap?


Let us hope it's not a bad pipe!


I always "release" pressure after I winterize.




Permit Bob

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Thanks i will check it out, This was the first time i winterized a trailer and i went through the video step by step, i may have screwed up but thought i did it correctly.....its getting me second guess my work......thanks

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Did you use the on board pump to winterize? If so you should not have antifreeze in the tanks so they should be OK if they were drained.


Did you drain the water heater?


Did you use a hand pump for the outside shower and black water flush?


Did you pour antifreeze in all the traps including the shower?


I would start looking at the pump/water heater connections then the sink connections behind the drawers since it's on that side.

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Tom & Cheryl 

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Before you get too carried away, put a good long carpenter level on the floor or bottom of the frame rail and see if there is some tilt to the trailer. It is highly unlikely that it is dead level in both directions. Once you figure out the slope, look uphill from that leak point, keeping in mind that for a large leak, the water can pool at an obstruction and flow sideways.


For tiny drips, a piece of blue paper shop towel is excellent. Fold it several times and lay it under the suspected leak. Any drips will form a dark blue spot that is very easy to see. Finding them by feel or visually is often difficult.


If your trailer is slightly nose down, I would look at the trap and pressure lines in the galley first.


OTH I would probably just wait for warmer weather. What is done is done, there is no reason to get cold and miserable chasing it now. It’s probably not going to do any more damage IMHO.


Good luck.


John Davies


Spokane WA

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Update,WX moderated today found suspected source of leak turns out to be the shower drain trap ring fitting loose. How to tighten down looks like a issue as getting a turn on it will be challenging . Maybe something like a old oil filter wrench or a spanner wrench used to tighten fire hoses might work.  I used paper towels and a really bright led light for reflection purposes. Thanks John.........

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