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Bought used 2016 elite2

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Congratulations on your new to you Oliver.


the one breaker is turned off ? Check the breaker/fuse label on the inside of the breaker panel door.


Also what is the red knob for and the black box. The red knob looks like a battery shut off.  It probably turns off the supply 12v into the trailer.  The black box is a remote display for the surge protector.  


Stove is not getting gas but propane port is getting gas.  I don’t have an answer for the gas issue at the stove.  


How to manually raise and lower all jacks.  On the top of each jack is a manual bolt for a wrench.  If you look under either rear bed or couch, you can see it at the top of the jack.  You have to remove the level from the front jack to see it.



If you have not seen it already, the is a Oliver University tab that has most all of the manuals for your trailer.  Click the label "Travel Trailers" on the main page of the Oliver website.  That will open a list of topics and the “Oliver University” label is at the bottom.  There you can find the manuals.


Good Luck at keep asking for help, there is usually someone available to help.







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Mike and Krunch   Lutz, FL  
2017 LEII #193 “the dog house”



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Given the location of the red switch, it could be a cutoff for the solar.  It's a high amp DC switch, so it would either be that or as previously mentioned, a disconnect for the batteries.  I believe that the earlier models had these switches and at some point they stopped putting them in.  I'm guessing that Oliver experimented a bit in where they were located as well.  That, or the previous owner installed it.

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