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failed battery tray

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The Alu pop rivet head failed on one corner that secures the tray to the slides and the tray collapsed on one side. I have wet batteries so had a mess to clean up with some spilled liquid. Now i'm seeing the wisdom of dry cells for off road travel.


It was and easy fix. Replaced all of the alu pop-rivets with stainless steel bolts / nylock bolts with washers on both sides.. if you are doing off road driving, i would recommend checking or even proactively replacing these soft pop-rivets.


after this, my greater concern is the weight of 4 batteries (250LB+) and how the slides are bolted to the trailer when off road.. i have already snugged up the space where the tray latch can rattle with some alu L channel but wanted to know if anyone knows how / and what the battery slides are fastened to under the fiberglass. your thought will be appreciated

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 2016 Legacy Elite II, Twin Beds, Hull #124

Tow Vehicle: 2019 Ford F250 4x4  / Short Bed / Crew Cab / 6.7 Diesel

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The battery tray on my 2017 LEII is fastened with 2 bolts farthest inboard on both rails and 2 blind rivets outbound on each rail. I increased the flat washers on the bolts to 1" diameter fender washers. There wasn't any access to the bottom of the rivets for me because the bottom of the battery box sits over the wheel well. My tray is made by MORryde is mounted with stainless bolts and rivets. My battery tray is assembled with steel rivets.



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Mike and Krunch   Lutz, FL  
2017 LEII #193 “the dog house”



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