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Cold weather


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After a few nights you get a feel for the balance between fresh air, condensation, and heat loss through a cracked vent or window.   You’ll  have to experiment  

I also played around with the heat vent balance. My water system was drained and I only use the bathroom for the composting toilet so it doesn’t need to be heated as much as the main cabin.

The floor is much warmer than the old wood uninsulated floor that was standard on our old hybrid camper. Rugs are still nice to have.

If it’s not windy the furnace will eventually catch up and shut off, but it’ll still be running much more than not. Plan on lots of propane. 

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16 degrees here with only a little condensation under the driver's side mattress.  We didn't have Hypervent on that trip but am planning on getting it now.  Also, I am ventilating the basement storage compartment, under the bed, to allow warm air from the furnace/hot water heater area into the basement.     

Furnace on at 61 degrees, vent open in the bathroom and a window over the bed cracked open.




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