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  1. Taylor.coyote, That was us! We are on a two week trip in the Redwoods. - San Luis Rey SP, Henry Woods SP, Grizzly Redwoods SP, Humboldt Redwoods SP, Del Norte Redwoods SP and Sonoma Coast SP! Having a great time. It is always great to see an Oliver in the West. There aren’t that many of us. Safe travels! Andrew, Carianne and Buffy
  2. ChrisMI, Fresh runs out way faster than our tanks fill up. We can go through three tanks of fresh before we need to dump the Grey and Black. And grey fills faster for us than the black. We do dump dish water outside of the the trailer. Andrew
  3. We have found the standard toilet uses very little water when you "need" to flush and can go almost two weeks, without needing to dump, if we take advantage or other places to go, when we are out for the day. Andrew
  4. We have camped at 8,600 feet for a week and had no problems with the refrigerator. 2019 Elite II with a Norcold refrigerator. Andrew
  5. Matt, Great job on communicating this out in so many ways. Thanks! Another example of why Oliver is such a great company and so different from the rest! Andrew
  6. Kampfirekid, We searched for six years, hoping to find a quality trailer that was worth the purchase price. We finally found it, when we saw our first Oliver EliteII in person. I knew it was the trailer for me with just the tour of the exterior. Superior build quality! What a concept in the RV industry. I am 6'5" and honestly, I just fit. I would not want anything smaller and made a few modifications to make it work for me. I replaced the standard interior AC ceiling vent cover with a slim cover, used when the AC is ducted. I can now walk under the AC without hitting my head. I also modified the sleeping area to allow me to sleep on my back at a diagonal. (Picture attached) Andrew
  7. John, All tow vehicles have their compromises. As long as you are okay with keeping your weight down, your Touareg will do great towing an Elite II. We tow with a 2018 BMW X5 35d. It has 255 hp at 4,000 rpm and 413 ft lbs of torque at 1,500 rpm. Very similar to yours. Our limiting factor is the carrying capacity at 1,109 lbs. If I recall correctly, yours should be in the low 1,200 lbs. The 1,109 lbs. has been more than enough for us but, we purposely travel light and equipped our trailer to keep the tongue weight low. If you would like to discuss our experience further, please message me your contact information. Andrew P.S. @DavidS from Salt Lake tows with an 2017 gas Audi Q7
  8. Frogman, I really think you could go either way. It all depends what you prioritize. We prioritized a greater stability and reduced battery drain, over convenience . I can easily see prioritizing convenience of not having to carry two or three Andersen Jack Block around and placing them each time. They aren't small or light. If I did anything else, I would go with the Snap-Pads like Galway Girl, as in most circumstances, there wouldn't be an need for any other blocking. A big plus. Andrew
  9. Fargoman, They just catch the magnets if you center the jack foot on the block. When we raise the jacks, the jack blocks stay connected about 50% of the time. Andrew
  10. LongStride, If we are off an inch or two side to side, I use the rear jacks to level the trailer with the Andersen Jack Blocks under each jack. I also use them to raise the wheels off the ground to remove the tires. I raise the tires off of the ground, place jack stands under the frame where Oliver identifies the jack points and lower the frame onto the jack stands. Andrew
  11. John, More movement in the front of the trailer, when you are moving around, is normal. It really isn't caused by frame flex as much as the front of the trailer is only supported by one jack on the tongue and it is almost in the center. The jack itself flexes some that causes movement. There are a few things you can do to minimize the movement, if it bothers you. 1. Make sure the all of the jacks have a firm base to sit on. We use the Andersen Jack Blocks. Amazon.com: Andersen Hitches Trailer Jack Block with Magnets, 1 in Pack: Automotive They create a very solid base for the jacks to sit on and the jacks don't have to extend as far. 2. Extend the jacks a little as possible. The less they are extended, the more rigid they are. 3. Use and X-Caulk or what we use a Fast-way One Step wheel caulk, to stabilize the tires and reduce forward and backward movement. Amazon.com: Fastway ONESTEP Wheel Chock Double Pack for Tandem Axle Trailers and RVs-16 Inches to 24 Inches Long-Qty 2: Automotive 4. Get some sort of portable stabilizers, to place under the frame, near the front of the trailer, on both sides. I hope this helps you. Andrew
  12. Since Oliver is using the Truma Aqua Go already, there is no reason they couldn’t upgrade to the Aqua Go Comfort Plus and add the return hot water piping. Andrew
  13. Mike, Thanks for the shout out! We hope to order ours soon. Andrew
  14. Most of our travel has been in California and there is no fast lane travel here, for those towing a trailer. The speed limit, when towing, is 55 mph. We typically travel 62 - 65 mpg and after 16,000 miles, we have average 19 mpg with our 2018 BMW X5 diesel. The best we have seen is 22.1 mpg, driving from Mammoth Lakes, CA to San Diego, CA. About 400 miles, mostly down hill. The worst was driving from San Diego, CA to Independence, CA, with a constant 25 mph head wind and mostly up hill. We got 15.7 mpg for 325 mile trip. We couldn't be more happy with our TV. Great towing and even better when not. Best mileage not towing was from Zion NP to Bryce NP and back. 49 mpg! Andrew
  15. The base prices I stated did not come from a Salesperson, they were off the first printing of the 2022 brochures. As Overland state, it is likely they made a mid-year price change/included something an option as standard. Andrew
  16. The 2022 Elite I - $54,500 The 2022 Elite II - $62,500 Andrew
  17. Great advice John and I agree 110%! We have been going to Discount/America's Tire for as long as they have been in San Diego and would not go anywhere else. I have gone to them in other parts of the state and found the same GREAT service and price. I also agree that TireRack.com is the best website for tire research. I have never gone wrong with their top rated tires. Andrew Andrew
  18. We use the Netgear Nighthawk with the $50 Netgear portable MIMO antenna with AT&T. Everytime we have used it, it has had better reception than my Apple iPhone SE on Visable(Verison). We just put the antenna in the window with the best reception. Andrew
  19. Wayfinder, Although I don’t tow with a pick-up truck, I do have a self leveling rear air suspension. I have had no problem using the Andersen hitch other than it has made it a little more difficult dialing in the proper tension. I have to adjust the tension based on feel and the impact to the front height of the vehicle. With the correct tension, we have a very controlled ride. I went with the rear air suspension option based on the recommendation of Andy Thompson of CanAm RV in Ontario Canada. Andrew
  20. Check out RV Travel's newsletter article on the boondocking prowess of the Oliver Travel Trailers. RV review: Oliver Legacy Elite Travel Trailers for boondocking - RV Travel Andrew ("an enthusiastic Oliver trailer owner")
  21. We thought we would share a letter we sent to Oliver. Please excuse the formatting as it was originally written in Word. Keep in mind, these are only our opinions: We are the owners of a 2019 Oliver Elite II, hull #468. Since our first camping trip in October of 2019, we have taken 15 trips, camped approximately 100 days and have traveled over 16,000 miles. We love our trailer and are very happy with it. We would not trade it for any other RV on the market today but, we think there is room for improvement. During our trips, we have extensively discussed what we like and what we would change, if we had the opportunity to design our ultimate Oliver Travel Trailer. We wanted to share our thoughts with you in a hope to influence any future improvements or new trailers you produce. Our suggestions/ideas for the existing Elite II: - Front Door o Molded fiberglass door, consistent with the quality of the rest of the trailer hull - Windows o Bigger - As big as possible. The more light the better o Acrylic – Allowing for more clear view, better ventilation, better insulation (no exposed metal frame transferring heat or cold), use while raining o Additional window over the kitchen counter – A dark area of the trailer - Holding tanks o Bigger all the way around – More fully utilize the open inter-hull space - HVAC o Houghton AC – Existing AC is way too loud o Trauma Aqua Go Comfort Plus – Water savings with recirculating hot water o Trauma Vario Heat furnace – Quieter and more efficient o MaxxAir MaxxFan Dome in bathroom – Appears to be quieter better quality - Higher density seating cushions - Electric Option to include o 12V DC Danfoss compressor refrigerator o Induction cooktop - Shunt based battery monitor - Make the fresh water drain larger to allow the tank to drain in a reasonable amount of time and make the valve more easily accessed or electric - Include an easily accessed battery disconnect - Rotate the cooktop top 90 degrees to its original position. We understand the reason it was rotated but it is not safe. I have burned the hair off of the back of my hand a number of times because, you are forced to reach over the burner to light it - Nightstand top at or below mattress height – Present height closes in sleeping area and causes half of the twin bed floor plan owners (Forum or Facebook survey results) to sleep with their heads toward the front of the trailer, due to the confined area at the rear of the trailer - Change the color/temperature of the lights in the upper cabinets to match the rest of the lights - A standard (external) radio antenna that really works - One more towel rack in the bathroom - Higher quality outdoor shower or delete the option – Not to the standard of the rest of the trailer Ideas for the Oliver Elite II2 /Elite III - Any or all of the above which apply - More room for a couple with the ability to sleep four – Would really expand the demographic – Families and Grandparents who want to take Grandchildren camping - 8’ wide, 2’ to 3’ longer and a 2” to 3” increase in interior height to accommodate the following: o Wider and taller molded fiberglass front door with transparent window and window covering o Full height dry bath o Four seat dinette that converts into a bed for two o Approximately 80” x 34” (Airstream sized) twin beds to accommodate larger people o Walk around queen bed option – Not for us but it is the most common RV bed layout o Larger refrigerator installed lifted from the floor – 7 cu. ft. or so o An Oven without losing the great six kitchen drawers o 50+ gallon fresh and grey holding tanks o 25+ gallon black tank o Solar that more closely matches the amp hour capacity of the batteries – 200 watts per 100 amp hours if possible o MPPT solar controller – Current standard and more efficient than PVM controller o Adjustable Torsion axle suspension – Smoother ride and more wheel travel o Disc brakes o Four corner stabilizing/leveling jacks o Onboard drinking water filtration We really like the existing Elite II floor plan and feel the same basic layout could be maintained in a larger foot-print, with many or all of the above suggestions/ideas included. Another floor plan to take a close look at is, the 23FB Twin Globetrotter Airstream. We like the camp side dinette and full-width dry bath but would flip the bath to the front and the beds to the rear. Thank you for your time and consideration and for being such a GREAT company! Carianne and Andrew
  22. Dream Girl, We decided against the KTT mattresses for three reasons: - Price - Latex is too bouncy for us. - Latex mattresses are very heavy We went with Tochta mattress and are very happy with them. Andrew
  23. Many have. With a soft start it will run a 13,500 BTU AC on gas or propane. Andrew
  24. DougnDawn, I use a ResMed AirSense10 with a 12V adapter and it works great. I uses very little power, even with the humidifier on. I put it in the "attic" cabinet, plug it into the 12V receptacle and run the hose down a hole in the floor of the cabinet. The adapter was a little expensive, at $80 but is sure use a lot less power than running it on AC through an inverter. Andrew
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