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Chlorine caution...Spring wake-up

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With the virus concerns normal Clorox might be in short supply, in some places. I was in a small hardware store today and noticed Clorox on the shelf. Of course I grabbed a bottle, as I wanted fresh to sanitize the water system for Spring wake-up in the Oliver. However there was an indication for caution. The brand label was right, but the background was slightly greener than normal. Also was an addition on the label saying NEW and and a saying "long-lasting fragrance". In SMALL PRINT, on the back, it clearly states, "Not for sanitation or disinfection. To sanitize and disinfect, use 'Clorox'® Regular -Bleach.

The Regular will have a label on it stating 5.5% or 6% Sodium Hypocloride. If there is not a percent stated, or it list a fragrance probably not the one you want. Also have heard the splash proof one is also NOT the one you want. Also if you know how to read date codes, get the freshest you can find. Evidently as it gets older, it will start to degrade...

Woo Hoo..we got a reservation today for Lily Bay State Park, on Moosehead Lake. Normally booked within hours of opening. Limited to instate residents, and those that have quarantined in state for 14 days. Not ideal, but a start...


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Yes, bleach does have an expiration date. 

http://blog.rjschinner.com/clorox-shelf-life-date-codes/  like many items, it starts to lose effectiveness depending on date, storage temps, etc.

Old bleach is probably better than nothing, but its effectiveness is really only a guestimate.



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