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We are ordering a 2021 Elite II and deciding between (4) 12V wet cell and (4) 6V AGM packages, with inverter and solar options.

Our current RV has (2) 12V flooded Interstate batteries, 1000W inverter and (2) 100W solar panels (inefficient flat panel).  This configuration maintains battery charge with conservative power use - fridge on propane, LED lights, propane hot water, and phantom draws from electronic gizmos. 

Would appreciate hearing the pros/cons of the two options above.  We camp 50/50 power hookups/dry camping; rarely use the inverter, but nice to have if needed.  Will be carrying a 2000W portable generator.

Do not care to have Lithium batteries.

Ray and Susan Huff

Elite II Twin "Pearl" - Hull#699; taking delivery December 7, 2020

2013 F350 3.2l diesel Super Duty 4x4 long bed crew cab

2017 Leisure Travel Van Unity Twin Bed (sold)


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