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Screen Shelter


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I've been thinking about a screen shelter to take with us when we go camping in the Oliver. I bet some of you have such a shelter and perhaps you could recommend one you like.


I think they would make staying outdoors more comfortable by keeping the insects at bay and shielding the wind and light rain. I found this one and it looks good to me.


http://www.sunnysports.com/prod/ERKTBW. ... 27316842-2


Any advice from some of you who have already used a screen shelter?

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We have tried several types over the years. I guess the main things are, will it fit over most standard USFS or USCOE picnic tables, and can one person set it up quickly.

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Tali and I bought a First-Up from Wal-Mart last summer. We got the screen sides (extra) to go with it. We also bought a set of rope lights to go around the inside top. We only paid $82.00 for it. They seem to have gone up since them. Best price I've seen since is $93.00. It has worked out well for us....


http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product. ... gMethod=rr

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It comes with a wind wall..... and I have 2 other wind walls from my show tent when I used to do street art shows/fairs..... but to me just the fact that it protects from mosquitoes and no-see-um's is more important than prying eyes! We will use ours over the picnic table at our camping job in NM this summer!

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