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Newbie from Knoxville TN


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Hello, I never owned an RV but I am excited about buying one in the next few years. My wife and I (both in mid 50's) dream about doing the big sky country tour and seeing more of this great nation.  I have been obsessively researching RV's for several weeks and I came across these great trailers.  Awesome that it is less than three hours drive to the factory!   Looking forward to learning from the forum.  Safe travels...  

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Imagine this. You are traveling a back road, because interstates all look pretty much all alike. The afternoon is getting long and then you see it. An old stone building along the side of a lazy stream. There is a slow turning water wheel making an occasional squeaking and gurgling sound. The trees are just starting to turn to a beautiful range of shades from reds to yellows to oranges. There is a wide flat gravel drive and a grassy area, with picnic tables, next to the stream. Scenes like this, and many others, are available all over this country. The Oliver is built for you to get to enjoy these scenes in comfort. Without plugging in you can have lights, heat, water, a bed, food, and other creature comforts only a few feet behind you as you gaze about to see what this country has to offer. Enjoy...

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