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52 minutes ago, Susan Huff said:

By dedicated circuit, you mean that fuse only handles the charge going to the trailer battery through the wiring harness?  If the fuse is for the entire hitch plug, wouldn't this also disable the trailer lights and the electric brake?


Yes, in my truck there is a dedicated fuse for the charge wire so very simple.

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Not sure if the LifeBlue rep is still monitoring this thread; I guess we'll find out.

Not long after we purchased our new Oliver (equipped with Lithium Pro Pkg) the Smart Connect app lost communication with one of the batteries.  After Oliver could not resolve the problem, I was told to contact LifeBlue support and I was directed to reset the battery (there is a reset button on the top).  This resolved the issue.

Now, we have the problem again, but don't recall the details of the reset procedure; if I wrote it down, I can't find it 😖  LifeBlue (Larry K), if you are following this forum, please remind me of how to perform a reset to restore bluetooth connectivity.  I only recall there was a period of time involved, but that's about it.

Thank you

Edit: I looked back at the Oliver ticket notes.   This is what Jason suggested:

"Hey Susan, I spoke with LiFeBlue and they advised on the battery that is not picking up on Bluetooth to press the reset button for one second and let go. This will reset the Bluetooth feature and then try to connect to it again. Do not hold the reset button for too long as if you hold it for 5 seconds it resets the entire battery and would require it to be completely recharged before it would be functional again. He said this is not something that they have actually seen before as a failure and if resetting the battery does not resolve the issue that he recommends you call them directly so that they can work with you and see what they can figure out."

When the 1 second reset did not fix the issue, here is what LifeBlue recommended:

They had me do a 5 second reset.  Doing so restored the BT connection.  I don't recall what they said about the battery having to recharge after the 5 second reset.

LifeBlue had no idea why the connection was lost, but told me, if it should happen again, to note any circumstances occurring at the time the connection was lost. 


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