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Yearly service at Oliver


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6 hours ago, Kgeb said:

Has anyone used the yearly service “tune up” and not found it to be the quality of the Oliver standard?

I'm unclear on what you mean, could you be more specific about the problem?

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1 hour ago, ScubaRx said:

I'm unclear on what you mean, could you be more specific about the problem?

What does Oliver Travel Trailer Service Department include into their yearly service (repack wheel bearing, lube EZ flex, check brakes, wash and polish, etc).  Normally any company that you request a yearly service for lets say HVAC in your home; that company can provide you with a list of services that will be preformed including the price.

I have carried our 2015 Elite II back to the factory every year to do a few things including repacking the wheel bearings; they have never said anything about a "Yearly Service Package".

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Thanks for your reply ScubaRX and Maverick. Let me first say any encounter with the Service Dept. has been nothing but the best. Jason is so knowledgeable, thorough and competent. And Cindy, well she adds volumes to the quality of service.  That being said, we expected the same from our first maintenance checkup.  It is not a package Maverick, but the same service you stated in your response.  I was asked if there was anything that I needed to have checked...maybe because this was our first year with our Oliver. The shower door dragged and was crooked total replacement and time consuming plus  a couple of little quick fixes.  When we picked up our Oliver there were things that needed attention but time very time consuming so we need to take it somewhere else locally to have three items serviced. I consider big items not quick fixes. We live quite a distance away and have to go to someone else to finish the things Jason found.   All is under
warranty and we understand the time constraints.
However the trailer was pretty dirty when we picked  it up. The floors were very dirty, the rugs were cleaned by Jason, but were still pretty wet. I did not expect all to be in the same order when we picked it up but I also did not expect to have to clean as soon as we got back to the campground. This is not quite what I expected from Oliver.  Looking back I should have said something to Jason at the time but it was raining and late on a Friday.  All had left for the weekend except Jason.  I was just wondering if this is the norm or one of those days.  Thanks again Karen







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