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Andersen No-Sway Hitch Option


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I'll be picking up our new LE2 in March so my build sheet is due soon.  I don't have any experience with towing an RV so I'm not sure if I need the Andersen No-Sway Hitch.  My tow vehicle will be an F150 with the max tow package.  It's an $800 upgrade but if it improves the driving experience and/or safety I'll get it.  Opinions are welcome.

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Yes you will need the Andersen since Ford requires one anytime you tow anything that has a hitch weight of 500 pounds and over.  There is probably a sticker on your hitch assembly - look under the rear of the hitch.  Certainly with the "max tow package" your F-150 can tow without a weight distribution hitch and I've never heard of a Oliver swaying.  However, the Andersen will lessen "porpoising" (the bouncing caused by things like bridge bumps on Interstates and may improve handling in the event of emergency maneuvers.  And, since Ford requires it, you subject yourself to legal issues in the event of an accident if you don't use it.


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Agree with Bill.   I’ve got a 2019 F150, scheduled for pickup after you.   Attached is a photo of the sticker on the bottom of my receiver.   Also a link to an article about the legal requirements.  In the unfortunate event of a crash, insurance companies are not responsible to pay  if OEM specifications are not followed.  



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