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  1. What section of the park should I make my reservation?
  2. I'll be picking up our new LE2 in March so my build sheet is due soon. I don't have any experience with towing an RV so I'm not sure if I need the Andersen No-Sway Hitch. My tow vehicle will be an F150 with the max tow package. It's an $800 upgrade but if it improves the driving experience and/or safety I'll get it. Opinions are welcome.
  3. Here's another interesting test:
  4. Good points. The weight is about 500 lbs more and I didn't catch that the fuel tank is smaller.
  5. I've got one of the 600,000 refundable preorders in for the cyber truck. I'll wait for the final version of the truck before I decide to buy it. If I do buy it, it would be for my daily driver because I don't think it would make a good long haul tow vehicle especially to remote areas. It will take Tesla a couple years to fill all the preorders so I could always sell it if I don't like it. I drive a model 3 now which I love.
  6. Perfect ... We were hoping to see Key West and this will make it easy. Thanks for the tip.
  7. I hear you about the first generation ... I'm still on the fence. But I'm not finding a good deal on a used or 2020 model with the features I want.
  8. I actually made reservations months ago at an RV park in Fort Myers. I figured that it could become a problem being Florida in March and less people flying due to covid. So we will spend the time learning our new rig and playing golf and pickleball in our spare time. Come spring and summer I see state and national parks in our future along with some boondocking.
  9. We'll probably make a couple long trips (1000+ miles) and a half dozen short trips (500 miles or less) per year from the Milwaukee area. No destination is out of the question.
  10. My wife Janine and I will be picking up our new LEII in March. We are new to RVing so this forum has been a great resource. We look forward to meeting other owners at future rallies. Our first trip will be a couple nights at Davy Crocket followed by a couple weeks in FL. I hope to do a fair amount of boondocking in the future. On another subject, I’m about to order a 2021 F150 with the ecoboost 3.5 engine as my tow vehicle. I figured that I didn’t need the powerboost hybrid because I will be using this truck mainly for highway driving. However I just noticed that the hybrid is
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