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Super price on thin 3M VHB tape, use for all sorts of applications in an Ollie

John E Davies

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This is an unusually low price for a big roll of 1/4” wide x 36 yard VHB tape, the good stuff. Use it for sticking accessories or holders to interior walls, for securing loose foil hull insulation, for adding wire bug screens to furnace or refrigerator vents, or whatever. Interior or exterior, once cured, it can be hard to get off. You need to cut the foam with fishing line and then do some scraping and also use an adhesive remover. But it won’t leave holes like screws will..... They recommend 4 square inches per pound of weight. For a trailer maybe some extra, just to be safe.


I just ordered a roll to use with insulation on the battery compartment door for when I install my new lithium batteries. Keep it in a ziplock bag, so the sides of the roll stay clean, don’t just let it bang around in a drawer, and write the purchase date on the bag. I have older tape (4 years+) that still works great. I suppose there must be shelf life, does anyone know? 


Here is a 1” wide by 15 foot roll for a little less money. It can be cut lengthwise with scissors, with some difficulty and bad words. It is much easier to add many thin strips side by side than to cut down a wider piece.


John Davies

Spokane WA







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3m Vhb has a recommended shelf life of 24 months after manufacturing date, but it's actually good a lot longer if properly stored. (Date code is Julian date, like many adhesives. Last three digits of 4 or 5 is day of the year, first 1 or 2 is year)

Paul keeps ours in bags,  a drawer, out of uv, in the workshop. According to 3m, best place would be in the house, +/-72 degrees, 50 per cent humidity, but the workshop rarely gets above the  80s. 3m says ok up to 100, but ...

No kidding about tough to remove. Paul discovered that our original pv panel clips were attached to the brackets with both 3m tape and mechanical fasteners. Removing them, and cleaning up, took 5 times longer than installing the new.

We keep rolls of butyl tape, and several other adhesive/sealants, in a fridge in the workshop, for best shelf life. Not the vhb. Too cold.

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