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Best practices with LifeBlue Lithium batteries


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@LiFeBlueBattery, Oliver has provided cutoff switches to enable isolation of the LifeBlue batteries - both from charge input and battery output.  While camping and attached to either Solar and/or shore power, it seems that the solar and inverter charger(s) keep sending "float" voltage / amps to the batteries and they stay at ~99% most of the time.  Would it be a good practice to use the cutoffs to the charge sources and let the LifeBlues "drain" a bit rather than continuously keeping them topped off while camping?  I can't tell what the BMS is doing when the charge controllers are sending 3.6V (float).  Maybe ok to ignore this on short camping trips but what about full timers and/or long trips?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm glad to read of these cutoff switches, as in another  thread LBB confirmed that  the ideal storage practice is  to get the batteries to  roughly 50% charge and then cut them  off  from  charge and drain, and then monitor and top off periodically as needed to  return to that  roughly  50% state. That discussion  didn't touch  on long term hookup or sun drenched  camping.

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