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With the military many years behind, some of the terminology seems to have remained. I had used the term FOB, an acronym for Forward Operating Base, in a conversation with the Oliver sales manager. Betty and I were describing our camping style and where we wanted to go with an Oliver camping trailer. He listened patiently, asking a question from time to time, and he grinned widely as he began to figure out why we were so insistent. It was a busy place, there at the River Valley Egg Rally, the very first one, being held in Van Buren Arkansas, just off of I-40. It was show and tell non stop, for everyone seemed to have questions about the new Oliver Legacy Elite. We still marvel that he found time to listen to us !

We were ever so close to having our perfect camper, but, and now that is a very large BUT, it had one feature that would never let us use it the way that we wanted to. Being avid Jeep trail explorers and Ghost Town prowlers, we needed to be able to traverse rough ground to get where we wanted to go. Up high in the front range of the Rocky Mountains. We needed more ground clearance.

Here is a look at that rally, with a Casita sitting by the Oliver we were looking at, for ground clearance comparison.

Please forgive the low quality video, cell phones were pretty low resolution back then.


The video starts with the neighboring trailer for ground clearance comparison. In the video it is clear that the Oliver Sales Team is busy, yet, somehow they made time to listen to our needs. Then they made our much needed ground clearance happen ! That attention to customer needs has endeared the Oliver brand to so many that it is quite hard to fathom. Here is a look at our FOB OLLIE crossing the Continental Divide in a snow storm, take a quick look at our ground clearance.

More changes followed as we tended to prowl further and higher in the Rocky Mountains. Jeep trails and Ghost towns, here we come. Thanks Oliver for listening and making it happen !

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