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Got Tarps - Part 3


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Vinyl Coated Farm Tarp

Oftentimes a campsite can be subject to high or gusting winds making the whole camping thing less fun. Now, Mother Nature always seems to rule, but, moderating that wind a little can make the difference between holing up inside the trailer or sitting around the campfire enjoying the outdoors. Having trees around the campsite can provide some protection from the wind but a strategic placement of a tarp windbreak can make all the difference in the world when it comes to comfort around the campfire. Here is how we have tackled this before. Using two ratchet straps, place one about head high between two trees and the other down around ankle high on the same trees. Putting the tarp across both straps and holding it in place with bungee cords gives us a solid windbreak that will not damage the trees.

One side benefit from this setup is that the light eddying smoke from the campfire helps to create a “mosquito free zone”. Come to think of it that may be reason enough in it’s self ! A mosquito free zone sounds pretty nice when picking a guitar and have no hands free to slap mosquito’s with.

Afternoon sunshine can at times make a picnic table less comfortable for a card game and cool drinks but hasty tarp shade can come to the rescue.

Ever wondered why insects were buzzing around your ankles when you have citronella candles placed around your lawn chairs? Even a gentle breeze can carry your citronella flavored protection away. A quick tarp windbreak can cause that gentle repellent to linger and do it is job of making those evening visits pleasant when no campfire is possible.

Yes it’s quite true, tarps can really improve the quality of our out of door’s experience !

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