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Elevation Camping - Part 5


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This photo was taken just as the sun was beginning to rise upon Engineer Pass. We had set up our Oliver travel trailer, at an old ghost town above Silverton Colorado. Leaving our base camp OLLIE at 0430 hours in the dark we started our climb up through the next ghost town and continued upward towards the summit to view that very special sunrise at elevation. As evidenced by the photo, we are well above the timber line, the alpine tundra zone and are well up into the fractured rock zone.

The climb up the old bulldozer blade width track across the face of the mountain zig-zagged back and forth in it’s very steep ascent. In this particular Jeep, a four door one with a longer wheel base, some of the turns were a bit more demanding, a three point turn became a four point turn and so on.

Why go to all of that trouble? Because getting to the places in the world that are just naturally good for the soul, can’t be bought. It has been our experience that you have to give something of yourself to get there and enjoy the rewards of the effort.

A wonderful elevation camping experience doesn’t have to be as far up there as Engineer pass. One of our favorite’s is in Chama New Mexico’s small park beside the ancient steam railroad yard with a cup of coffee and a pastry from the nearby café, listening as the steam engines are fired up. The firing of the trains boilers for the days excursions along with the crew’s routine pre trip inspections as the engines cinders drift upon the air currents are a pretty exotic and enjoyable experience at 7800 feet of elevation.

Using our Oliver as a forward operating base, usually in a nearby boondocking campsite has given us many opportunities for new and wonderful adventures, but, those at elevation just seem to us, to be some to the best!

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