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Cookshack Configuration


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oven bett cooktop light

We have noted that some campers do not want to cook inside their Oliver, and, some do not want to cook outside. We do both. Our Southern mountain culture, kind of dictates how we set up our cook shack, when it is warmer weather. During hot or dry periods we will set Betty's kitchen up on a picnic table to keep the inside of the Oliver cooler. During occasional rain showers we will set up a canopy, and during monsoon season we will put a large tarp over the canopy. Mosquitoes can prompt us to put up a screen house over the picnic table, and windy conditions can see us folding a tarp several times to make a low wind break. Here is a look at Betty's basic kitchen set up.

With four cooktop propane burners, a oven and propane light, all fed from a propane distribution tree, it all breaks down and sets up readily. Here is a look at one cook shack set up during a mosquito hatch at monsoon season. The nearby campfire kept a light smoke eddying about to help with repelling them pesky skeeter's.

Early in the morning I would kick up the campfire, generally it burned all day,  and do a few chores around camp before Betty called that it was breakfast time. Plenty of fire wood, campfire, rainfly, a good supply of lawn chairs and mosquito abatement as well as the smell of cooking is a surefire way to have lots of visitors. And, visitors around a campfire in the evening is a good thing ! At this campsite we enjoyed some fine Native American flute as well as guitar strumming with a heavy dose of camping tales !

The cook shack much as  the Kitchen back home is a wonderful gathering place.

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