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Elite 1...18.5 foot single axel


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Oliver please consider making your Elite 1 with a queen bed and not a double bed....Many people want a small single axel trailer, but a double bed is small for 2 people. A queen bed is much roomier!!! You make a beautiful trailer, but you could do better be replacing the double bed with a queen.

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Nicole, the full size (53 or 54 inches wide bed) is 6 inches wider than a lot of other small travel trailers (including many  small airstreams). But, a queen is 6 inches wider, yet, at 60 inches. 

Adding 6 inches to the bed of an Elite would make the kitchen and small  dinette super tiny and uncomfortable,  or require an expensive mold redesign and change to add 6 inches to the trailer.

I totally get it. We have a king at home. Used to have a queen, so the difference wasn't much. It still doesn't bother us. Especially during cold weather camping, the smaller cozy space is nice.

Oliver doesn't really monitor this space, so you might want to send your suggestion in an email?

Years ago, I used to say that if Oliver would make a little larger trailer, with a queen bed and a bigger fridge, I'd consider trading up. At this point,  I  don't think I  would. We love our 13 year old trailer. It may not be "perfect " for us, but it's pretty close.



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2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12



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