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Vortex Generator (e.g., Airtab)


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On 2/19/2021 at 8:28 AM (under the thread "Length of Sewer Pipe Extension Needed,"¬†John E Davies suggested (in regard to dust at the back of a trailer)¬†that¬†"Vortex generators¬†would help a lot, but only if you never slowed below 30 mphūüė¨." ¬†

Have any of you installed Airtabs on your trailer and/or TV?  If so,  what was your experience?  Less dust? Noticably better fuel mileage?  Other?

2021 Oliver LE2
Ram 2500 diesel

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Fritz - 

You might want to take a look at THIS YouTube post.  There are a number of additional reviews besides this one on YouTube.


p.s.  I do not recall anyone posting here on the Oliver Forum about these things.

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Airtabs work best on a vehicle with a square butt - like 99% of the commercial trucks, travel trailers and motorhomes out there. But an Ollie is already well streamlined in back. It will accumulate dust there, for sure, at any speed. Tabs on the sides and top would most likely be a little helpful at speeds high enough for them to operate. But as I quipped earlier, you have to not slow down below the speed at which they can function. And there is no practical way to install them on the belly, unless you made a big pan there, behind the axles to provide a flat place for them to mount a foot in front of the rear bumper.


They are easy to install and reportedly not too bad to remove, so you could be the first Ollie owner to try them, and post your before and after dirt road pictures here....;) If somebody were to give me a box of them I definitely would try them. But I won't spend a bunch of cash on what will most likely be a total bust.


FYI these are used on aircraft with incredible results, but they are designed to keep the airflow attached to the wing surfaces at unusually high angles of attack (landing, takeoff, low speed). ... https://www.boldmethod.com/learn-to-fly/aerodynamics/vortex-generators/

John Davies

Spokane WA

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