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It might be a convoy....!


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Ahh, a fellow JD TV aficionado. I use mine to also move it around the home place. What is all that white stuff>??


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Cindy,  Russell and  "Harley dog" . Home is our little farm near Winchester TN

2018 Oliver Legacy Elite II - 2018 GMC 2500 Duramax 

"Die young - As late as possible"





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A draw bar between the three point hitch bars. A non spin attachment (available at Tractor Supply) is the safest. We have a 2" ball in the center. You can raise the ball from inside, then get out and latch. We have a ball attachment that fits on our forks. We move unloaded trailers all the time with those. Easier because you can see where everything is. And moving the steering wheel a little can move the tongue a lot. 

Still use the truck to move the camper and loaded boat. Just safer I guess?

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