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How do I put the egress window screen back in?

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It was easy to pop off using the red tab, but not sure how to put it back in.  It looks like it slides in the same channel where the red handle is, but won't slide all the way to the left because of the handle.   According to a video I watched, it looks like it's in front of the handle, but ain't working for me.  If someone could help or better yet, demonstrate with a short video, that would be greatly appreciated.  We're at a loss, but it has been a long weekend!  Thanks in advance for any help, and I apologize if this is a stupid question!

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In our 2008, its probably different,  but still a pain, because it's a really big screen.

I push up, twist a little,  and down.

Once you figure it out, you'll forget a bit til the next time you clean the screens and window. 14 seasons in, big screen is stiil not fun. 

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My technique has been to take the trailer to Oliver for something else, and they'll put a new screen in for you.  I keep taking the screen off to improve the view, and Oliver keeps adding it back.  I have a collection of three in the basement now.  

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I had the same problem trying to figure out how to reinstall the egress window screen.  

The screen is mounted outside the widow channel using four metal clips. The clips snap into the edge of the plastic channel.

Just hold the screen in place and push until you hear it snap.  It took me several frustrating minutes to figure it out.




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Alan & Judy

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