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Elite 1 Hull #643 Electrical Question

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Have purchased a Tire Minder TPMS system for our single axel Elite.  Recommended to hard wire the System Booster at the front underside of trailer.  When I look under trailer I found the Black hot wire for the jack.  
is it OK to splice into this wire for power ?  If so, where should I attach the ground wire ?

Thank you in advance,

RBD Elite Hull #643 image.thumb.jpeg.66a6e20d374d13e5672d21d9bd135f73.jpeg




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Splicing into the jack power at any convenient location is okay but be sure to fuse the booster power lead per install instructions. For a ground, look under the tongue near the jack tube. There should be a through bolt attaching the jack ground wire. Use the same bolt.

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2 hours ago, Ray Kimsey said:

Have you tried it without the booster? I didn't need it on my LE2.  I am using a slightly different brand, but you might not need the booster.


Reviews say the Monitor  will stay connected  without the Booster about 95% of the time.  With radio interference it can drop out, then need to be reconnected per Tire Minder install instructions.  This is a new reasonably priced model TPMS designed for short trailers.


Elite Hull #643

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