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Floor measurements from the entry door past the bathroom door?

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Can someone help me?  We are wanting to get a rug for the area from the entry door to the wall area past the bathroom door on an Elite II.  We are needing the measurements of that floor area.  Of course as I'm typing this we have 300 days, 8 hours and 28 minutes until we get to pick up our Ollie Elite II.  So you see we are definitely in a time crunch for these measurements. Thanks Ya'll, we appreciate all of your help and advice.

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the max size of carpet can be 28x47.. our carpet is  25x 38. it work fin but i can see the benefit of going all way to the dinette seating

congrats on you trailer.. wow 300 days to get a trailer. Not so long ago the wait time was something like 90 days.  


 2016 Legacy Elite II, Twin Beds, Hull #124

Tow Vehicle: 2019 Ford F250 4x4  / Short Bed / Crew Cab / 6.7 Diesel

Fieldbrook, Ca


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Note to self: as you start to gather "stuff" for your new Oliver you will be tempted to use a spare room. DON'T! You will find you have more room in a garage, or a small barn.

After 4 years we are finding that we are constantly leaving "stuff" home. We have two overhead cabinets that are almost empty. There is more that we probably should leave behind, but that nagging feeling that someday we might need it lingers. Every item you pick up - weight it. Keep a list. Weight the clothes. You might be surprised at the end total. 

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