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Progress Dynamics converter/charger fail - how to? charge with external charger

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OK group ... need battery help. OEII #069 (2015) with 4 AGMs (about a year old). After some troubleshooting I've concluded the converter section of the Progressive Industries power control system (which includes the charger control) needs replaced - have it ordered but won't be able to install until I return home in two weeks. Since I'm traveling now without the onboard charger, can I just buy a charger at an auto parts store and charge the batteries overnight while at the camp site? if so, what is the proper way to hook up the charge to the batteries? Will I need to disconnect everything first? Note that charging from shore power and charging from the TV are neither one working, but the BlueSky Solar charging appears to be working ok (but not enough to keep them full) - do I need to disconnect the Solar charging before connecting the external battery charger? Back on the road shortly, but will check back in here later today for any responses ... thanks in advance! Cheers, -Dan

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I always wondered who had that number!

The charge controller on the solar panels should "regulate" the amount of charge coming from the panels - so - nothing to do there.  Keep an eye on the charge amount coming from your "plug-in charger"  - most of the modern ones have either a analog meter which tells you the state of charge or some sort of "idiot light" step-up that does the same.  In any case, if it is a modern battery charger it should not cook or over charge you batteries.  Using the supplied clamps from the charger, simply clip one to the positive and then the other to the negative posts that are used to attach the main cables going to the Ollie.


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Same experience.  On the road, and the charger/converter failed.  Have lead acid batteries, + 5 years old.  Happened to have a trickle charger with me, and used that to recharge the batteries overnight, every night..  Topgun’s advice is spot on.  Replaced the the PD charger/converter, and that solved the problem.

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Did you order a “lithium capable” charger board? If not, change or cancel your order. The newest board has a switch so you can upgrade the batteries without having to buy another complete board. The cost should be the same. Order from here for a much lower price:



John Davies

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Update - SUCCESS!  So, I'd bought a charger/maintainer on the road but never took it outta the box ... the solar struggled along keeping charge, diminishing the batteries a bit each day (actually had a net positive a few of the days!) ... while driving we turned the AC/DC refrigerator off (it's electric only - the one "sizable" draw source) and only turned it on when plugged in at a campground (about every 2nd or 3rd night) ... by the time we arrived home on Sunday evening the batteries were down to 41%.  The replacement converter section I'd ordered had arrived ... installed it today using John Davies excellent instructions - was actually pretty easy... and, yes, John, it was one of the new LI-capable ones (thanks for that tip). And ... voila! ... Ollie is now charging batteries like a champ.  Went 17 days without a shore charge on the batteries.  Hoping I didn't damage the batteries ... at one point was down to 11.8 V ... now, charge IN is around 13.8 with a 35+ amp flow ... should be back at full by tomorrow.  Thanks, guys, for the insights and for giving me the confidence to keep going.  Cheers, -Dan

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Danno and Donna | Pittsburgh, PA | Hull# 069 - 2015 Ollie Elite II | 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon 

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