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In the never ending search to buy stuff for the Ollie and TV.  I was watching  videos of the Overland expo on tools and gadgets.  I thought the pictured tool bag was a good idea. Although the one in the video was selling in the neighborhood of $150.00 I found this one on amazon  for $49.00  there are many mfgs and pricing for this type tool bag.  I’m impressed with the quality and the ability to separate your tools in different pouches.   It holds all the tools I normally carry. Then roll it up and store it away. I thought this was a good item to share.




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Grant  2022 GMC Denali 2500 HD 2019  Elite 11😎

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I like the soft sided bags, too, especially if you're carrying it in the truck and don't want to hear your tools banging around.  I had a similar one (still have, but repurposed), but I switched to smaller individual bags and tool rolls that I then stuff into the storage bin under the rear seat.  I just found that it was easier to grab the one bag I needed rather than pull out everything.  

Love your decked boxes. 

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