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  1. If your making a list. RidgeWay, South Carolina. Don’t blink you be through the town. Speed 25mph zone they will stop you at 26mph I was told its the only revenue for the town.
  2. This is not unusual for small towns to supplement income with police activity. The key to traveling through those towns pay more attention to the speed signs speeds will change quickly 65 45 35 in a very short distance usually when getting close to the population. You’ll be going 65 next thing you know the speed sign is 35 busted. Fines are expensive. Less crime stats more speed traps sounds like they want to keep their community safe. 🚔
  3. The claim is this unit will collect for a portable unit 8 gals per day in desert condition. Can it be believed? Not too many statements are true these days. I thought it was interesting seeing that a lot of Oliver owners have concerns about condensation inside the Oliver and most use a dehumidifier or Rid bags to collect water/ condensation. what’s done with the water? Most empty or discard the bags or the the dehumidifier which uses the same amount of electricity is either directed outside or into the sink to the grey water tank. Sorry I still can't post articles from other web sites to this forum.
  4. I saw a small segment on YouTube tech inventions on a portable unit that makes water from the air the price wasn’t portable $3,500. I haven’t been able to find out more about this unit. Seems like a logical concept. Take a dehumidifier and pump the water through a filter system to get clean drinkable water. Any one else heard of this? Sounds like it could be an interesting concept for boondocking.💨💧☃️
  5. As I look at a lot of campground reservations its still the norm but worse the week end warriors who block off spots just about every weekend for months just to save a site. (Friday to Sunday) Sunday - Thursday, Sunday being the most open time in the afternoon to get a good camping spot. We try to avoid state parks on weekends unless we’re there for extended stays. No name private campgrounds work well on weekends while traveling long distances. Some are good some not so good. The adventures of camping.😬
  6. I have never had to jackknife any trailer to that extreme. Could someone please explain how the trailer moves back when the Tv is at a 90dg angle to the trailer. It doesn’t work that way. The only thing that will be accomplished is to bend things as some have found. Being on that much of an angle you need to stop pull forward and reposition the trailer. If someone can back a trailer into a spot with the Tv at a 90dg angle please video it id like to see it.😳😰
  7. Kmoon545 It doesn’t matter the type of coupler hitch you have. I brought mine for my previous Airstream. Same results. I see that they have a modified Valet with a 24volt angle drill attached. I plan on doing some modifications to mine using chain drive with a small winch and battery. Trailer Valet won’t sell the conversion parts to use with the angle drill. 🤬
  8. There is a good benefit to your parking situation. If you can park /back your Ollie in that spot you’ll be and expert in parking and backing in no time flat. 😉 Safe travels.
  9. I’ll add my two Quarters. Inflation these days😜 As most mention Lance Good quality a little more on a budget the name will give good return on investment. 2nd choice Tab 400 by New Camp a little smaller but also good Quality build. Always personal preference gets the best Trailer. Good luck
  10. I’m glad they are doing more dealer option sales. More things to spend my referral credit on.
  11. A few reasons not to buy one. Small tires go flat easy, low to the ground you’ll be bending over a lot. Handle moves easy which constantly applies brake. The brake doesn’t work well on the slightest incline. The ball always loosen up no matter how tight you get it on the coupler. And unless you work out all the time. You’ll get the work out of your life. Cranking the handle. The optional drill adapter moves the trailer easier but now your fighting another obstacle. Holding the drill bending over and trying to keep the handle from locking the brake. Mine sits in the corner of the garage. I’d say I’ll make you a great deal on it. But I would feel bad selling it to anyone. Hope this helps.
  12. Thanks John valued opinion I’m in the looking stages. Like you I’m always looking at the good bad and ugly and don’t like to buy unless I get up close and personal I have to touch it. It’s amazing how many big items are being purchased by a internet picture or video. Thanks
  13. Wow you guys are good I’m full in three days and that’s with no toilet paper. I guess I am full of 💩
  14. John Take a look at ALU Cab / ALU Cabin for the full size 6.5 bed if you could give your thoughts. much appreciated.
  15. Just kidding. I could only wish to see this view out the back window of the Oliver over morning coffee. Seeing it in person was just as amazing Grand Canyon
  16. The old 2x10 x16” long pressure treated each end cut on a 45dg angle. I never had to go any higher than the 1 1/2 thickness of each block. Although these days you may be able to buy the Anderson levelers for half the price of wood. 😳
  17. These are all great options for carrying atv and utv’s although the weight factor and having to put a very long extension on the back hitch for towing a trailer, it may work at first. I’m sure you’ll find your hitch will have worn out in a very short time. Making a bad situation when on the road. If this is what you want, I would consider looking at a ATC ( aluminum trailer Company) toy hauler all aluminum custom made size’s and good build quality like the Oliver,
  18. Nice job I’m also not to fond of the strap’s only because when you forget to leave them out when putting the cover down, out comes the screwdriver or butter knife. Almost like forgetting to pull the valve handle in the bath. 🤬
  19. Overland I once had a portable fire pit table for the deck. I replaced the lava rocks with glass pieces for fire pits. It gives off a different fire patten cool look, it took a lot more to fill the pit not sure it would be good bouncing round while traveling.
  20. I’d like to add to SeaDawg post. Oliver try’s there very best to put quality components in there trailer. It’s not always to the consumer’s liking. You have to remember Oliver is a manufacturing business like any other company. Profit margins are involved . A simple 90 dg elbow costs you and I a couple of dollar’s times that by thousands do the math. And that’s just one item. I’m sure Oliver takes into consideration these suggestions and some times implements them. But then don’t complain when the trailer becomes more expensive. This is the nice thing about the Oliver modification, If you don’t like something on your unit change it to suit your needs as of all the example’s above. I enjoy seeing some of the owners modifications. As to my own. But don’t always expect Oliver to follow suit.
  21. Getting older carrying wood among many other things some times isn’t worth it. Some State Parks you travel to allows your own wood, some don’t allow wood brought in from other states. While traveling out west I forgot which state we were in. We came upon an inspection station and there only concern was were we carrying wood? Luckily we had none at the time. With that said the portable fire pit is a good option. It doesn’t replace the wood fire of course. But I’m happy with the portable fire pit I was able to get one from Oliver very nice unit more expensive than online. This fire pit was no cost to me fortunately thanks to the referral program Oliver has. I used some of the credit I had available.
  22. I thought about posting this question some time ago. What was the best year trailer that Oliver produced? This is a good post for this discussion. If you look back at options that where available. Upgraded options that Oliver made standard. Suspension etc. and all the items all of the above members mentioned. Interior extra 110 outlets etc. not to mention the last year before special requests on upgrades before Oliver went to package items. My guess would be the 2019 model year in my opinion. There have been a lot of changes that I followed all for the good to make Oliver one of the best mfgs out there and they will only get even better over time.
  23. I just watch a YouTube where this toilet was installed in a black series Hq 19 then looked up the price very expensive. The Lavco sounds interesting wraps and seals in a bag 15 times then throw the main bag away. Battery or 12volt direct hookup. There is also a video comparing it to the natures head toilet.
  24. I have a trailer Valet 10k new I would let it go for $200.00 u pick up. Fla. The only thing it has a 2 5/16 ball you’ll need to buy a 2in ball. Pm if interested
  25. Ending a great Thanksgiving day . B0072E80-011F-46B1-A7ED-BC692D004388.MOV
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