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  1. This must be a millennial thing. Us boomers just buy big trucks. 😎
  2. I found this inline pressure washer filter system. It works great a little bleach or peroxide in the container the ends are made for the garden hose. Bypass the water heater and let the water flow through the system. Let it sit rinse done.
  3. The only problem I found sleeping with your head at the kitchen side being 6ft you have to bring your legs almost to the fetal position and swing out to prevent from getting your legs stuck at the night stand. Not a easy task with back injuries. 🤬
  4. I’m happy with my tow vehicle what’s all the fuss about🤪
  5. If any one is interested in watching a space launch. Jetty park is one of the preferred spots. If you don’t mined being a little further away. I suggest The Great Out Doors Rv and golf resort. I lived at the resort for Five years. We were able to view every launch from are back patio. Not up close and personal, but you will see a great view and hear and feel the rumble of the launch. And if for some reason the launch doesn’t happen you still have the amenities golf, pool fishing restaurant etc. may be a bit pricey for some but a very nice resort.
  6. Sorry I don’t know what happen to the quote
  7. Yes those Dodges and Fords do make a lot of idle noise. 😳😉
  8. I know that you can order your GM truck with factory duel 200amp alternators. And with a diesel you already have two battery’s on board. Most GM ambulances have this with i think 3000 + watt inverters to run all the equipment. My last Chevy 2016 duramax 4x4 crew cab came this way with out an inverter. Sales said, customer order it and didn’t take delivery. Maybe every one can weigh in would it be a workable option. If its workable they do have aftermarket kits to retrofit your truck. I didn’t keep the truck long enough to find out.
  9. The best place if in Florida to get ABS pipe is from A mobile home supply company. Most of the stock is ABS.
  10. 👍🏼 2500 HD Chevy duramax diesel crew cab 4x4 Hoorah
  11. There was some discussion some time ago Coy I believe his name is. The talk was about the development of the solar system for the Oliver that auto tracks the sun. Has there been any up date on this system?
  12. The size works well for us. Easy clean up. The only change would be separate sink faucet and shower head. I think this was done by someone does any one know the post?
  13. Also not surprised. I’m still happy to see some will still go. I’m in. 🥳
  14. It should be part of there quality control. I won’t get into that again
  15. Oliver sales dept. asked me to show my Oliver twice in the last month. Because it has been very hot and humid in Florida 95dgs heat index at 105. I thought do I Show it in the heat or turn on the Ac. I decided I wasn’t hiding anything. Let the people hear the noise the ac makes and hope it wouldn’t be discouraging. One hour before they arrived i turned on the Ac. I also opened up all the compartments bathroom and closet doors. Just before they arrived i went in to close all the compartment doors, to my surprise it was at temp 73dgs the ac was still running but at a very quieter mode. Showing the interior the Ac decibel level was low and we had a good conversation without being bothered by the ac noise. I did explain first start up of the ac is quite loud. But it didn’t take much time to get it cooled down. Both showings I had positive results. I think the key was getting all the heat out of the compartments and in between the hull. It gave the ac the ability to change the mode setting to a reasonable decibel level yet still maintained the cool temp. I do agree with everyone the ac still could use some improvement. And yes it is still to loud when trying to watch Tv.
  16. I also considered finding one of these units, until i started looking at the very different drivetrain and suspension components that Gm put into it. They are one of a kind, which means parts availability would be limited Or impossible to find without high cost. It truly is a work of art for its time. But for repair costs, I’ll admire one at a RV rally some day.
  17. They need to bring back the 3500 Chevy suburban then I’d be happy or one of those 3500 Chevy Tahoes that the secret service drive😳
  18. They have a you tube video on this unit, very interesting. It was one of the most advanced rvs of its time.
  19. Overland maybe if you Decide to re caulk the widow skip a space or two at the bottom then see if you still get water from the window frame.
  20. Interesting my unit made the same popping noise once in a while. I believe it coming from the ac unit or the fiberglass around the AC We had some very hot humid days once the interior gets cooled down you can still feel the heat between the hull. I think the popping came when the sun was setting and the hull cooled. Ill pay more attention next time to try to narrow it down,
  21. I did this simple mod Access port only for the grey valve to keep open while parked instead of having the entire basement door open. I thought of a small access door for both valves. So far this set up is working great. Sorry i deleted the photos from my phone. I believe they are still posted under mods. Somewhere?
  22. The nice thing about the Oliver, if there is something you don’t like on the trailer, change it. Most of the mods are simple, and there are a lot of mod suggestions and changes to the Oliver on the forum.
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