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  1. Keep up the faith your in our thoughts. 👍🏼
  2. Every year for hurricane season we stock the trailer with can goods and non perishable items. Dollar General is where we stock up from. I found for some reason the can and non perishable items have the longest shelf date than you can find at the big box stores and cheaper prices.
  3. Yes. Only two small screws on the back . The Velcro covered and sealed the screw holes, i wanted to put the screws back in but they would not screw in flush with the back of the camera, I had heavy rain on one trip no problems no fogging camera lens.
  4. I installed this security camera several months ago and posted it on the forum. The camera is working very well there are no wires at all the camera recharges by built in solar or USB port. Clear picture and great night time visual. I posted it under entry door security camera. This system is used as a back up camera I’m not sure if the monitor will pick it up from the TV we use the monitor in side the Ollie I purchased the system at Walmart for around $100.00
  5. The Last time I was out West I forgot what state. We came to a check point and they were more concerned if i was carrying fire wood not weapons😎
  6. Patriot I’m coming to your place for thanksgiving. If you can carve that memory foam that nice with the electric knife. Great idea. I’d like to see how you carve turkey 🦃 Nice job.
  7. A little discouraging a lot of items being deleted from the builds Stripes , electrical outlets fabric and counter choices. I thought what most appealed to the customer was the flexibility to make a custom Oliver. I guess these changes need to be done to boost productivity and profit. Grant
  8. Unfortunately the master key for all door latches is the large crow bar that can gain access to any rv door. Unlike your door at home with a stronger frame. But still can be defeated. The Oliver has a aluminum frame around fiberglass. I like the keypad option. I have the standard lock handle doesn’t cost extra and does the same amount of security for the door.
  9. Ive been trying to go over the pros and cons for both toilets. This is my personal pros and cons on both. The only disadvantage is I never owned a composting toilet to make a true evaluation. The regular toilet I never had any problems with. Pros: Poop pee flush done. Tank is full hook up to the dump station attach hose pull the lever use the tank flusher then rinse out hose. Never had a mess yet. I guess doing it the same way for years makes it seem easy for me. These aren’t cons for me. But if they were they would be, finding a dump station which I never had a problem with and using extra water. Composting toilet, again I never owned one just my thoughts. Pros: environmentally friendly and no water usage. Cons: Pee tank empty often, you have to be a good shot. I don’t know how women manage sorry. Carry vinegar with you to help with pee smell. Main dump add composting material then turn the crank frank after each dump. And as mentioned above diarrhea or vomit cleaning the mess on the bowl because of no water to rinse doesn’t seem to be a pro or con just nasty. After all that you still have to dump the composting material and clean the holding compartment. The last Con what happens if the blower quits and a replacement isn’t available for several days. Buy a lot of fabreez spray? Even though I trashed the compositing toilet I would still own one for a remote cabin where a septic system was not available. Just not for an Rv.
  10. Great job you do nice work.
  11. My wife and I use a foam covered wedge found at camping world. We use it at the head of the bed so we’re not laying flat. Then use it at the foot of the bed, it serves as a good back rest while sitting up in bed watching tv or reading.
  12. That’s slim Potato head he has a decent YouTube channel. He lives in Canada travels everywhere May or may not get some good pointers from his channel.
  13. KOAs are very convenient and easy to locate when traveling to make a quick overnight stay when Walmart parking gets old. I frequent the koa In kings land Ga. exit 1 I -95 Florida Georgia line. Best free breakfast in the morning homemade waffles pancakes with fresh fruit and whip cream coffee and Oj 👍🏼
  14. If you check out any Rv mobile detailer. Last I checked in Florida the going rate was $10.00 per foot wash and wax.
  15. Nice pictures HH should use them for the photo of the week👍🏼
  16. I always travel with the refrig on propane. The only risk of this is different state laws mostly states with bridges and long tunnels. Some are clearly marked and some have detours others don’t have anything until you see the flashing lights behind you because you have propane on board and you disobey the signs. All the years I’ve traveled with the propane on I never had a problem. But these days never say never. 😳
  17. This is one of the reasons for the switch from airstream to Oliver, large oak tree branch broken off $5000.00 repair cost
  18. Mostly stay in the middle lane at those speeds 15mpg most of the time Duramax diesel never works too hard. Rarely goes over 2000 rpms on incline.
  19. You will truly enjoy the factory tour, you can also watch it over and over again on YouTube and on the video section of Olivers web site. Good luck
  20. Sorry folks I have to chuckle about this post, kinda crazy. Big tech battery’s big bucks configure and reconfigure now you have to take out the battery’s because they get too hot? I like my generator better. Camping fun at its best i guess this is the new enjoyment of camping. I’ll stick with a good book fishing nice fire and a couple of beers. To technical for me. 🤯😜
  21. I think I’ll keep my key lock and a spare key hidden seems simpler and less costly 🧐
  22. Many years ago we tried to run old route 1 from Maine along the East Coast south to Florida most of it has been rerouted and not easy to follow, like Route 66 it had some nice areas to travel. May be now with GPS it might be a better trek.
  23. While stoped at a Bass Pro Shop. A couple asked to see my Oliver Elite II they pulled along side of me. They were towing a TAB 400 boondock addition with a ford ranger newer model. They were impressed by the Oliver, and I was very impressed with the Tab 400 I believe its mfg by Nu Camp. The tab is a little smaller than Ollie 1 and much lighter but the build quality looked great. This couple was going to look at the Ollie 1 but thought it might be a little to much for there vehicle. Once they out lived the Tab they would consider a larger TV with The Elite II just another option to look at,
  24. Looks like one of those storm troopers from Battle Star galactic Yea you know the movie. Lol
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