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Furrion wireless backup camera question


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We have the Furrion wireless backup camera, ordered as an option when we took delivery of our 2021 LE2 last September. The display is mounted on the windshield just above the dashboard, and with the brightness & contrast of the display maximized, I still find the display hard to see in most daylight driving conditions, when the view through the windshield is fairly bright. On overcast or rainy days when the view through the windshield is darker, the display brightness is acceptable.

Has this been an issue for any of you?


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I don't have the Furrion but - have you tried making a sun shield for it?  A simple shield cut out of a cereal box and taped on would let you know if it helped or not and then you could search for something a bit more elegant.

Perhaps Furrion actually sells a sun shield?


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I have the factory installed camera that came with my 2017 Oliver. I am wanting to put in the Furrion S that Oliver now installs at the factory. I am wondering if the change over would be very difficult? I need to do this in the next couple of weeks. My biggest concern is that I don't want to drill any holes!!! Thanks. Cash and Kathy, #242 (YACHT OLIVIA)

Cash - AKA Sitting Bull


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