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  1. After some more research online about awning adjustment, I think the 'elbow' adjustment is only done if the arms hit the awning casing when retracting, which is not happening on my awnings.
  2. We have two Girard power awnings on our 2021 LE2, and as you can see in the photos, the pitch on the street side awning is lower in the front of the trailer than the rear. The curbside awning is pitched very slightly rearward. This is how they were adjusted when we took delivery - I didn't notice the difference until we were halfway back to Northern California. The instructions in the Girard manual for adjusting the pitch looks fairly straightforward, but I'm not sure what adjusting the elbow height accomplishes. My inclination (no pun) is to adjust the pitch on both awnings to be slightly lower towards the back of the trailer so rain would run off the awning in that direction, and on the curbside awning, not splash on the ground near the door. I'm aware that the awnings should not be left deployed in heavy rain. I would appreciate any suggestions as to the best way to adjust the awnings. This is our first experience with awnings on a trailer, having camped for the last 6 years in a teardrop trailer.
  3. We have a 2020 RAM EcoDiesel with the tow package, 3.92 axle ratio. On our trip home to Northern California after taking delivery of our LE2 in September, the fuel mileage ranged from 16 MPG in hilly terrain with headwinds, to as much as 20 MPG at 65 MPH during level freeway driving.
  4. I'm planning to use Rejex, rather than wax, on our LE2. How much Rejex is typically needed for one application? I'd like to know how much to buy. Thanks.
  5. We took delivery of our LE2 Twin Bed model, hull number 894, on September 16th. We stayed at the Oliver site the first night, then on to David Crockett SP for one night, then three nights at Fall Creek Falls SP, TN. After torrential rains enroute to Fall Creek Falls SP, followed by three days of nearly constant rain (got to know the inside of the trailer really well), we bailed on our plans to continue eastward to Great Smokey Mountains National Park, where three more days of rain was forecast. We decided to head back to the Oliver mothership to have a couple of issues dealt with before wending our way westward to Northern California. Our screen door latch failed, a first according to Jason. I removed the catch so we could open the door without fear of being locked in or out. The latch was replaced and has since been behaving. One of the Andersen WDH frame clamps moved, allowing the attached chain to become slack. The problem was traced to a cross-threaded set screw, which gave the impression of being tightened enough, but it was protruding from the frame clamp much more than the set screw on the other frame clamp, which should have been a clue to the installer. The frame clamp was replaced with no issues since. Within a week of delivery, I noticed that the caulking around the rear streetside window had yellowed, while the caulking on all other windows was still pristine white. I assume that during production someone ran out of caulk and grabbed the wrong kind. While only being a cosmetic issue, it still bugged me, and I will re-caulk that window when all others need to be caulked. We have the Suburban water heater. Ten days after delivery, while opening the water heater door to turn the heater to electric mode, one of the sheet metal screws holding the door hinge fell out, apparently having been stripped during assembly at the factory or installation at Oliver. The missing screw allowed the forward part of the heater door to open almost half an inch. I felt fortunate that a gust of wind didn't rip the door off completely while underway. I used some white duct tape along the bottom edge of the heater door to act as a hinge, which held for the rest of the trip home. The apparent fix is to replace the missing screw with a larger one. Unrelated to an Oliver issue, I brought a TireTraker TT-600 TPMS system with us so we could have an easily installed TPMS system for the long drive home from Hohenwald. While marinating in the rain on our third day at Fall Creek Falls SP, I noticed that one of the trailer tires had gone from 55 PSI to 36 PSI overnight, with no obvious source of a leak. Rather than changing the tire in the heavy rain, I just inflated it to 70 PSI and checked it periodically the next day on the way back to Hohenwald. The tire held pressure, but I asked Jason to have the tire removed and check for the source of the leak. It turned out to be the TPMS sensor, and not an object in the tire. I replaced the leaking sensor with a spare (I bought 6 sensors), but it leaked audibly, no soap spray needed to find it. Next, I removed the sensor from the spare tire to put on the rolling wheel, and all was good. I will contact TireTraker to resolve the leaking sensor problem. Our Ollie got it's first bath today. While washing the roof on the streetside, I discovered that there were three loose stainless fender washers laying by the middle awning mounting bracket. Also, a few feet away there was a quarter inch chip in the roof gelcoat. Kind of disappointed in the quality control. I need to contact Oliver to find out how to fix the gelcoat chip. Other than those relatively minor issues, the Ollie is very comfortable and tows easily behind our RAM 1500 EcoDiesel, with no sway when passing or being passed by big rigs.
  6. Corvus, there’s no leak under the sink. Topgun, after the first odor incident, I added happy camper brand black tank additive to the grey tank to see if that would help. Perhaps that’s not the right product, I will try the one you recommended. I am not sure from John’s diagram where the vacuum breaker is located, and if the gray tank vent goes out through the roof.
  7. We took delivery of our LE2 on September 16th, and are in the Las Cruces NM area at a Harvest Host winery enroute home to Northern California. Twice now while traveling with partially full gray and black water tanks to our next destination, upon arrival we have discovered that the trailer has a terrible odor inside. The shut off valve near the base of the toilet was closed, so gray water has not backed up into the shower pan. There was no problem with the toilet. The source of the odor seem to be coming from the kitchen sink, because when we removed the cutting board, the odor was stronger. The only thing I can think of is that the water in the P-trap for the kitchen sink somehow got displaced while traveling on bumpy roads, and that would allow odor from the gray tank to get into the cabin, but this seems unlikely. Any ideas how to prevent this problem from happening? Obviously there are times when we have to travel to our next destination without having dumped the tanks.
  8. Our policy for the LE2 we'll be picking up on September 16th costs $514 annually, through Good Sam affiliate insurance company National General. We also have Good Sam's Roadside Assistance policy. As a comparison, we have used Geico for all of our vehicles, including the recently-sold teardrop trailer, for many years. Geico's quote for insuring the LE2 was approximately $800 annually, and that was with their multi-vehicle discount.
  9. Another toilet question: I have read that we should use RV/black tank-specific toilet paper. Is that necessary in your experience when using a black tank additive such as Happy Camper? According to Happy Camper, their product can properly 'digest' regular toilet paper.
  10. Hi Cindy, thanks for the information. We also ordered some clear plastic bins for the pantry based on ideas in another thread.
  11. Thanks for the good advice, SeaDawg. I've learned a lot on this Forum from you and other long-time owners in the past year. We also ordered some fabric bins to corral stuff and keep it from scuffing the fiberglass. Looking forward to meeting other Ollie owners.
  12. Bill, regarding bug splats on the front logo, that's why we decided not to have one applied. I do like the choice of side stripes we had when ordering our 2021 LE2, but a mostly bare Ollie would still look great.
  13. Thanks, Patwv. The upper cabinet also sounds like a good place for the microwave turntable. I like your idea of securing the toilet brush holder to the bathroom wall.
  14. Thanks, Mike. Good to know about the Vornado - we bought ours after seeing yours in a post.
  15. Thanks, Mainiac. I'm surprised the toilet brush/holder behaved that well. I guess the Ollie rides better than I'm anticipating on typical paved roads. Does your cutting board ride on the sink like the one Oliver provides?
  16. Thinking ahead to our September 16th LE2 delivery date, we've been wondering where and how you stow and secure items before traveling so they don't roam around the trailer damaging themselves and the inside of the trailer. A few things that we've been thinking of are (please mention anything else you have that you secure): 1. Glass microwave turntable 2. Oliver-supplied cutting board 3. Small trash container 4. Vornado portable electric heater Also, we're going to need a toilet brush & holder for the standard Dometic toilet. The typical ones we've seen for use in a house don't seem like they would travel well. Thanks for your suggestions - it's starting to seem real now!
  17. I have a 2020 RAM 1500 EcoDiesel, which I purchased in order to tow our LE2 (delivery date 9/16/21). I will post towing information once we return to Northern California from collecting our Ollie. Since purchasing it in November 2020, I've averaged 24 MPG around town, and average 30 MPG with consistent freeway driving. On a recent (not towing) trip from Vancouver, WA to Redding, CA, the truck got 30.5 MPG going the posted speed limits, despite quite a few steep passes along Hwy. 5.
  18. Here is a PDF manual for the High Pointe convection microwave. HighPointe EC028KD7 Convection Microwave manual.pdf
  19. I replaced the stock Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus (4-ply rated) all-season tires on my 2020 RAM 1500 with Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3 (10-ply rated) all-terrain tires in preparation for towing our LE2. They have a little over 1000 miles on them at this point. The stiffer sidewalls make the steering a bit crisper, but not at the expense of ride quality. I was initially concerned about the more aggressive tread pattern being noisy, but I can't discern any significant difference compared to the original all-season tires. I've only used Michelin tires on all my vehicles for many years, and was planning to buy 10-ply rated Michelin LTX A/T2's for the RAM, but they have been unavailable for many months, so I took a chance on the Bridgestone, and I'm glad I did.
  20. We'll be collecting our LE2 on September 16th, and wanted specific dimensions of the interior of the HighPointe convection microwave so we can come prepared with appropriately sized cookware. I contacted Phil Andrews for the model number, which is ECO28KD7. The interior dimensions are 13" W x 13" D x 9" H, and the turntable is 12.4" in diameter.
  21. I assume that Oliver does not wax the trailers prior to delivery. Other than washing before applying the first coat of wax, is there any special preparation you would recommend? We are scheduled to take delivery on 9/16/21, and will spend approximately one month traveling on the way home, so I expect our LE 2 will need a good bath when we get home.
  22. I could not find an answer in searching the Forum. What toilet bowl cleaners are safe to use with the black tank additives? I purchased Happy Camper brand black tank additive for our September 16th LE 2 delivery date, but just realized that standard household toilet bowl cleaners might be incompatible with black tank additives. This is just another one of many trailer-related questions that seem to occur to me in the middle of the night.
  23. Thank you, John. I'm a fan of your 'how to' posts - the mudflap installation is on my to-do list over the winter months.
  24. I'm preparing a dedicated tool set for our Elite 2, delivery date September 16th. Are the nuts, bolts, etc. SAE, metric, or a mixture of both?
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