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Streetside Fresh Water connection/supply line occluded.


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2017 LE II, Hull 244.

I could not add water to the fresh water tank using the streetside fresh water connection.  
Upon removing the small screen at the inlet of the connector, these bits were removed.  The line remained occluded.




A one way valve within the brass right angle fitting to which the pex water line tubing is connected had malfunctioned.  I disconnected the water line at the brass fitting and attempted to free the occlusion with compressed air, unsuccessfully. 

Fresh water pex line disconnected




The brass section that contains the one way valve.  I was able to free the occlusion once another piece of the one way valve assembly was extracted.




The additional plastic piece that, once removed, allowed water to flow.




Obviously the check valve doesn’t function now but I can use the streetside fresh water tank connection to fill the tank.  It’s important now to keep the outside cap firmly plugged to prevent back flow, particularly when using the boondocking port.  Previously that port was the only way to get water to the fresh water tank.

Within the confines of the basement I could not get wrenches onto the brass fittings to disassemble it.  Equally obvious is the need for a new one way valve within this fitting.  Next time I happen by Hohenwald maybe they’ll lend a hand.


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Bob G

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It looks like a combination of age and hard water has taken its toll on that check valve. Neoprene seal is probably in the water tank but was there any sign of the spring?  While you're in there, strongly suggest replacing the other one.

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14 hours ago, Rleog said:

 Previously that port was the only way to get water to the fresh water tank.

I missed the last picture and end of your post yesterday. It looks like the only piece unaccounted for is the spring.which could only have come out through the inlet with the nylon pieces shown in your first picture.

As far as filling the tank: I can't remember ever using the fresh fill inlet. Typically my water softener is already hooked up to the city inlet, so I just open lower right valve on the diagram to direct water from the trailer lines into the tank. If there's no city hookup, and have to schlep  water in a jug, the water softener gets hooked to the boondocking inlet and the tank gets filled following the standard procedure.

I've reworked all the plumbing in that area and don't remember it being overly difficult to remove the check valves etal. It just takes the right combination of wrench types.

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Good idea, adding to the fresh water tank via the city water inlet by altering that lower right valve. Didn’t occur to me, Duh!

Good to hear that changing that check valve may not be difficult. I just have to get ahold of the right wrenches.



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Bob G

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