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Trouble at the Grill

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Hello fellow Ollies,

I purchased a Blackstone Tailgater Combo that I cannot seem to find a quick connect fitting that will work. It seems to need a 5/8" female 90 degree connector at the grill and I am stumped at finding one. Anyone solve a similar dilemma? (FYI: the tailgater and the tailgater combo ARE different and do not use the same fitting.)

Dave & Terri Mazone

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I have that setup and I had no problem getting the correct fitting to complete the correct disconnects so all works together, in fact all my propane accessories are all interchangeable with each other, Blackstone, Little Red Campfire, and other LP gas options.  Getting the correct fitting, I got on Amazon, but all fittings will require a little knowledge of plumbing sizes as it can be somewhat complicated to understand if not familiar with them. I did purchase the fitting offered from Blackstone to connect the LP to a different source and not use the small canisters that my grill was setup for, I don't know what you got to hookup your grill to an LP source. I did have to purchase other fittings to make the connection work to a quick disconnect as you are dealing with different pipe threads, NPT and Compression Fittings and yes the treads do not inter and match with each other, nor will the sizes be the same.  Places like Home Depot, Lowes, etc. in most cases will not have what you need, I would suggest if you are unfamiliar with these type of fittings to take your grill to a plumbing supply and let the counter person get you what you need to make the correct connection, other wise you can end up with a good plumbing supply of fittings. All being said, when it's all interchangeable with quick disconnects it's a great system, just plug it into the trailers LP ports and you ready to go.


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The Blackstone comes with a hose with blue 90 degree connector to the grill and a regulator that goes to the tank.  I got an additional blue 90 connector that attaches to the end of a hose with quick connects on each end.  I can use the hose with the Blackstone or if I take the blue connector off I can use the same hose with my Weber grill to connect to the trailer.  As I recall, I googled it and one of the first choices was a propane company that sold everything I needed.  I don’t recall who it was and can’t find the email confirmation.  I’d do a search for Blackstone propane fittings and you should be in business.  Mike

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