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  1. I use a couple of them. One for paper towels and the other for my waste bag. They hold for a day or two, then a couple pumps on the push rod to tighten them up (the pushrod shows when the suction is waning). They're neat, clean and good looking on the white interior. And, you can move them easily!
  2. Not even! Good conversation, John.
  3. Hi, Many of those big trees are Sequoias. My wife hasn't shared the pics of the really big ones with me yet. Those ground'out holes are indian bath tubs (no joke).
  4. Gotcha. TV added (thanks). Yes on the. Controller (I didn't know how to properly set it...I believe I figured it out. Thanks.
  5. Ps: the water wasn't really brown; decently clear, actually. This was just a combination of view point and perhaps a dirt botton.
  6. Hi John, It was the only road recommended for trailers (I think the optional route was being worked on). We did use low, but it was probably better that I learned I had a bad adjustment. The road was all paved, until you got into the campgrounds, but no trouble there. Yes, on bears, although we didn't see any or have any problems. Thanks for the location tip, I'll be sure to mention that in future posts.
  7. Went and boondocked at Balch Park in CA for a couple days. Last 20 miles was narrow, windy and relatively steep road, but worth it! Had severe brake fade on the way down; discovered I didn't have the trailer brakes adjusted properly so the truck was doing all the work. Last day my wife said it had rained most the night...not! That turned out to be a little tinny sound from the heater; like a pieve of tin foil was in the vent. Had aperfectly good time with the wife, dog (Dash) and our Ollie. 🙂
  8. I have a similar circumstance. 1) If the inverter is turned off (and everything else except the solar), can I expect the batteries to maintain, and if not, how long before I'm in trouble. 2) If I connect to 110 power via an adapter, will the batteries charge? Thanking you in advance.
  9. Yep. I surmised that's exactly it. It seems to finally be receiving some "juice" from the rising sun and it wakes up.
  10. So, all, what can one expect a detailer to charge for say a wax or a ceramic service? I live in California, so I'll double yoir figure and tax myself to death.
  11. Oil the foyables Foy, what is the oil you recommend for the shower mat?
  12. Hello fellow Ollies, I purchased a Blackstone Tailgater Combo that I cannot seem to find a quick connect fitting that will work. It seems to need a 5/8" female 90 degree connector at the grill and I am stumped at finding one. Anyone solve a similar dilemma? (FYI: the tailgater and the tailgater combo ARE different and do not use the same fitting.)
  13. Mine did the same thing. It really does go back in easily. However, my son was with me. He's an engineer. He installed it for me. I don't remember how. I have his number. Want it? - lol
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