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Faulty light switch repair

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We had a switch (for the Cabinet Lights) on the main panel with an intermittent fault. Sometimes it wouldn't work, or it would flicker. I opened the access panel behind the control panel and found lots of fiberglass dust in there. I suspected fiberglass debris had fallen into the switch, fouling the contacts,  so I vacuumed out the service compartment through the access hatch (wearing a mask to protect me from the dust) and, while the vacuum was running in the back, put canned air through the front of the switch (there's a gap around the rocker). This fixed the bad switch but (theory confirmed), fouled some of the others. I then air dusted and vacuumed the front of every switch and full function was restored to all. So, if you have a sketchy 12v switch, especially in a new unit, you might want to try this first.

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Yet another use for canned air.

Always carry a can of that stuff with me.  Fridge, water heater, furnace can all use a "blast" every now and then.


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