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Help! Norcold Fridge "N" Code


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We are leaving on a month long road trip tomorrow.  Running through a systems check and found that the fridge on our '20 Elite 2 #701 is not functioning.  Tested it in AC, propane and DC.  Checked both breakers under dinette.  Code N comes up in the unit window each time which, according to the manual, is a warning for the cooling system being inoperable.  Kinda obvious.  When I first turned it on last night to let it cool overnight, the fridge did cool a bit but came out this morning to ambient temp and code N.  I hear there is a hard reset that may eliminate the code but 1) no instructions on how to do so in the manual and 2) could not find on line.

Any input or guidance would be deeply appreciated.  Our campsites and schedule is a bit of a domino line-up so having to postpone to wait on a mechanic would have frustratingly deep effects.


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I don’t have direct knowledge, I ran across this document that might help.

n/no co Fault Code – No cooling detected by the controls Board reset procedure.

First step is to open up the outside compartment and look closely for some blockage, for example mud dauber nests. If you have never done so, blow out that area gently with compressed air, including the control board area. Watch your eyes! The gas jet in the burner section could be restricted, a crusty deposit gradually builds up around the hole, that is very common. I have a Dometic fridge, so I can’t be more specific. Good luck.

Maybe consider buying a portable Danfoss compressor fridge/ cooler locally for backup in case it stays dead. At least that would not completely sabotage your vacation trip. You could always sell it when you get back, they are not cheap. Where do you live, please add that info to a Signature along with your hull number and model. If you were near me I would let you borrow my ARB one.


John Davies

Spokane Wa

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I had an error code on our Norcold (2020 Hull 688 so probably the same as yours) that I got rid of with a soft reset.  To do that you hold the on/off switch for 3 seconds (or maybe just one), let the unit set for a few minutes, then hold the on/off again for 3 seconds.  Check page 7-8 of the owners manual as there's a blurb in there about the n code.  There is a way to do a "hard" reset apparently, but it involves disconnecting wires from the control board and likely would invalidate the warranty.  Hopefully a soft reset works for you! 🤞


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Jim, I had tried the soft reset earlier but to no avail.  Thanks on that.

John, you are, as usual, spot on.  Oliver should pay you to be an on-line consultant.  I managed to brail my way through a "hard reset" and is holding so far.  According to instructions, it can take 3-4 hours to work through process so may still fail.  I think it's likely that the trailer was a tad too off angle and that caused the code.  If so, lesson learned, as the angle was only modestly off level so now I know to be careful on that.

Process was a tad convoluted.  The link John sent above was for a pre 2006 Norcold so used a different board.  This link is for the most recent models.  John's older link is necessary as it's description of the process is more comprehensive and the late model link listed here is worthwhile as the photo is more accurate.  Problem was that they instruct you to unplug a half dozen connections, none of which are labeled.  Some simple work with a multi meter and sub-rudimentary understanding of electronics was what it took for me to stumble through. 

I sent a ticket to the shop at Oliver and shortly after coming in from doing the reset, got a call from Jason, the shop manager.  Hats off to him for taking the time to follow up the same day.  Super reassuring.  Between the amazing resource of you folks at this forum and support from the shop, I can keep myself in a pre-hyperventilating state while on the road.  Thanks to all.

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SOLD:  2022 Ford F150, 3.5L V6 EcoBoost, 4x4 Supercab, Trailer Tow Package

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