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Victron charge controller and additional panels?

Steve Morris

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In a recent post, Brian showed that the new Victon charge controller for 2023 is the SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 model.

Does Oliver have their two solar panels in series or parallel configuration? For 2023 there are apparently two 210W panels. I have a portable 200W panel. I’d like to rewire the existing portable solar input  that currently goes directly to the batteries, to go to the Victron charge controller instead, in parallel to the factory panel input. My panel does not have an inbuilt charge controller. 

I’m curious if the 100/50 Victron can handle 620W of input. If the two factory panels are in parallel, I’d be pushing the capabilities in perfect conditions. 

Any input from those more knowledgeable about solar? Thanks!

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In addition to series or parallel, you'll need to know the voltage of the Oliver panels and then be careful to match it to the portables.
You're probably better off getting a second controller (or buying portables the include one).

Explorist has a fantastic series about solar wiring and components.


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