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  1. Thanks Bill! Copied to my Oliver folder for reference.
  2. Interesting. Funds were loaded onto my card December 23, 2023. I've made three transactions since then, the latest just before leaving for the rally (had to stock up on wine for the trip!) I have not had a single service fee on my account.
  3. Long ago when I had boats, I'd run the hole saw backwards to cut through the gelcoat, then forward though the fiberglass. This almost always eliminating chipping.
  4. AKA @shhQuiet here on the forum. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Steve, and when he walked over to Curiosity, Deb made a beeline to Oreo! 😁
  5. I fully expected to comply! Last year I only took a handful and told myself to do better this year. I had four cameras with me (including my phone), but other that the above sunset photos and a few at Cathedral Caverns, I didn’t take a single photograph. Oh, except of @mossemi’s plumbing, but nobody wants to se that! 😜 Maybe next year…
  6. @MAX Burner Sorry Art, I didn’t see this until Tuesday morning at Cracker Barrel. I have their last name and the city where they live if you have good Google investigative skills. I’ll message that info to you. it was good to meet you both!
  7. I’m sorry that I never updated this question! I did indeed find the missing grate grommet in the drawer below. I’m embarrassed to say that it never occurred to me to look in the most obvious place. And thanks for the offer Art, and for popping this post back in my notifications. But I’m all set for now. You’re still welcome to drop in any time.
  8. What a wonderful evening! Thanks to everyone behind the scenes, and it was good to see new and old friends.
  9. Lay year I was told it is always the Wednesday through Sunday after Mother’s Day.
  10. I wish we could have stopped south of Nashville, but Deb needed to attend her meeting. It’s getting as bad going through Nashville as it is Atlanta!
  11. Scratch Chryste & Tom on site E28 and Shawn & Annette McWaters on F43. Both posted last minute cancellations. No PDF update, though. Probably some 45 foot 5th wheel will snag those spots…
  12. We found an exquisite site on our way to Alabama! Curiosity is gently illuminated by the stars, err, sodium lamps, with the sound of a rushing stream in the background. I mean asphalt. Cracker Barrel in Cave City, Kentucky, at the entrance to Mammoth Cave National Park.
  13. I Couldn't help myself. Two more showed up on Facebook, so I a dded them to the PDF. They won't be on printed copies. Added sites F07 and B13, for a total of 75 trailers. Now I'm really done! We are at Cracker Barrel in Cave City, Kentucky (just outside of Mammoth Cave National Park) for the evening. Deb has a 7 PM EDT Zoom meeting, so we've stopped a bit early. 249 Miles tomorrow. Google says 4 hours, 7 minutes, but my bladder and lunch say more like 6 hours or so... 2024 Oliver Rally Attendees May 13.pdf
  14. And that’s a wrap! I just poked the button to print 60 copies, although I don’t expect need nearly that many. Everything is ready except Deb’s clothes, which she’s doing right now. Leaving as early as we can get moving in the morning. See ya Tuesday!
  15. Updated: Two trailers moved sites, and added Bill's location 2024 Oliver Rally Attendees as of May 11.pdf
  16. I'll keep checking here and the Facebook groups until Sunday late afternoon, and continue posting PDF files if there are any changes. I'll print a bunch of paper copies Sunday evening to bring with me. We leave for the rally on Monday morning, arriving Tuesday
  17. Of course as soon as I post the list, more people over on the FB groups suddenly want to participate. Removed one attendee and added four. Current count is 70! I don't know the total number of officially registered trailers, but that's more than participated on my list last year. Latest updates: 2024 Oliver Rally Attendees.pdf
  18. The 2023 has 400W of solar at 24VDC. I ran the air conditioner using the batteries in the driveway to see how much it used. I don’t recall the exact numbers now, but it was in a post from when we picked up last March. I think it worked out that one hour of air conditioner use ate up 10% of the battery, and took one day to recover. Another time I ran the AC about ten hours and had 20-some percent left, so it isn’t a simple 1 hour= 10% =24 hours. I have a Bluetooth 200W 12V panel, but can’t tie it in to the Oliver’s Victron charge controller due to the different panel voltages. I have a second smaller Victron charge control to add parallel to the main one using the Zamp port, but haven’t gotten around to doing that yet.
  19. That's what I use every time I'm not on an extended trip. I can take my time at home, and rinse the black tank several times. Disconnected I can point the nose at the sky to get every drop out. No messy dump stations, no long lines, and no burst hoses. (There was a long back up at David Crockett State Park when we picked up our trailer as someone's hose burst during black tank dumping.) EDIT: I do not recommend the 45° fitting shown with the swivels. Both ends leaked between the orange and translucent parts. 🤢 I've also stopped using the gate on the end of the 10" extension. Without it, I can get the 45° fitting and pump a little closer to the trailer, allowing the nose to go a bit higher before the motor touches the ground.
  20. Our 2023 Platinum solar package has two 320A/h batteries, for a total of 640. A lot more solar would be needed to support long term use. Mine takes a full day of sunshine to recover 10% of the battery capacity.
  21. And, you won't get in as much trouble. 😂 See ya in a few days! (Right on the corner behind you again on G23)
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