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  1. We had water intruding from the top of the window frame on one of the bed side windows, turned out to be coming from the porch light. Caulking around the housing was fine, but nothing on the screw holes. Sealed those up and that fixed the leak. Surprising amount of water from such a small opening!
  2. We have the tongue box and I couldn't find a place for the sticker. Inside the box is too far away, and no room in front of the box. CORRECTION: New Ford's have gone to a sensor OR sticker.
  3. UPDATE: Lithium battery has been flawless and significantly lowered our old AGM power anxieties. Between the Zamp solar display and the battery's app, we now have a clear picture of our power use and solar recharging.
  4. As Overland said, the charger fan does shut off once charging is complete. It also tapers off toward the end, cycling on and off in gradually lengthening periods and for shorter "on" cycles, as the heat build-up from charging decreases. On the plus side, charging from solar is extremely efficient and silent, apart from a slight buzzing from the controller when the battery is actively charging. Thrilled with the difference in performance over the AGMs.
  5. Update to the original post, I've installed the single LifeBlue 200ah battery. The battery is only 58lbs - less than a single 65lb AGM. I used 3/4" pvc trim boards to make spacers in the tray. The only issue I had was the supplied post bolt was not quite long enough to accommodate all the connections (about 3 threads short). The converter/charger was able to bring the battery up from 73% to 100% in about 4 hours (the fan is on all the time for the higher lithium setting). EDIT: The charger fan runs continuously WHILE charging, but shuts off once charging is complete. Battery and inverter are performing as expected. No trouble running the teapot or microwave. Bluetooth connection with the app works well. Very happy with everything so far.
  6. Reading through the many threads concerning lithium batteries in the Olly, I'm wondering if it could be simpler. We have a 2019 EII with the solar, 4 AGM batteries, and 2000watt inverter. It seems like the 4 AGMs could be simply swapped out for a single LifeBlue 200ah unit. The LifeBlue has the built-in BMS and bluetooth monitor. Zamp solar controller has a Lithium setting. The PDI charger has a lithium setting. Charging from shore power or solar, not from the tow vehicle. SO, take out the old batteries, drop in the new one, swap over the positive and negative connections from the trailer, change settings on charger and solar controller... done? I'm aware of the VERY detailed, VERY thoughtful installs others have performed... just wondering if this would work or if there's a huge gotcha that I've missed.
  7. Our F150 requires a WDH for tongue weights over 500 lbs (no mention of the trailer weight). Toyota is only concerned with the trailer weight?
  8. It's down by the furnace ducting... I have to move the duct to see the brass valve.
  9. We've had a few VERY minor issues. Oliver has very promptly helped us diagnose and fix all of them. Super impressed with service at Oliver and couldn't be happier with our trailer.
  10. Different perspective on the convection oven... when we have shore power, we use the oven all-the-time! It does a great job baking - bread, cookies, cake, pie etc. We don't use the microwave function much, but it IS handy for a quick warm-up once in a while. Overall, it's much more valuable to us than extra storage. 🙂 EDIT: it ALSO functions as extra storage. We keep pots, pans, tortillas, bread etc. in the oven when not in use.
  11. We used Painted Cowboy (Daniel Jakus) to haul ours to Denver where we met him and picked up the Olly (we're from central Oregon). He's hauled lots of Oliver trailers and was very professional and his rates were reasonable Saved us a trip across the mid-west last summer, which was totally worth it. I feel like Oliver did a very thorough job inspecting our trailer, we only found one slightly loose screw on a drawer latch. Before picking up the trailer, we checked out all the info here in the forum, videos and Oliver University, which left us well prepared to begin traveling in our new Olly.
  12. Also, if your gray tank is mostly full, the Olly might be slightly nose down. Raising the nose a bit fixed it for us.
  13. Just checked my shackles, one had almost completely backed out. Thanks for the prompt to check them!
  14. If the plastic shards are coming from the fresh water tank, it's hard to imagine they made it past the hose and filter and pump. Jason has indicated that this is a problem they've had in the past, and that they have systems in place to mitigate, but has escalated the issue to quality control. (Oliver service, and Jason specifically, has been absolutely exemplary in ALL our interactions, by the way) Seems like most people only get a few shards in their filter (though, I bet they haven't checked that connector hose). Hopefully we're an outlier case.
  15. Resurrecting an older thread. We've had our Elite II for a year now, never had trouble with the water system, except the pump seemed to be pretty loud (our first RV, so no other experience to draw from) and the flow was never what I would call strong. However, on our latest trip, the water pressure took a very noticeable drop. On Jason's advice, I checked the water filter and it was half full of the white plastic shards. Cleaned it out and reinstalled, but the problem persisted. Turns out, the 1' of braided hose connecting the fresh tank to the pump was also packed with the plastic. That particular section is more constricted than the other pipes leading from the tank, so the debris more easily lodged there. Difficult to remove, but managed to make a pipe cleaner from some stainless wire I had in the tool kit. Once the shards were out, water pressure is much better AND the pump is much quieter.
  16. Ours is a 2019 and we had no issues with it camping above 10,700 feet, overnights in the high 30's, in WY last summer.
  17. I have the Haul Gauge. It works well and is reasonably accurate. The scale gauge graphic is an analog representation with few markings. This is deliberate since the results are NOT as precise as CAT scales (I spoke the the developers to confirm). No CAT scales near me, so this was my only way to get a baseline.
  18. Did you replace the bathroom faucet with this one, or the kitchen? If the former, does it work well for the shower?
  19. 2018 F-150 Platinum - short bed - 3.5 Ecoboost - Max Tow package - FX4 Offroad package - Leer cap. Flat road towing gets around 14 mpg, unhitched getting about 19. We swapped out the stock tires for burly E-rated tires, this made a huge difference in the ride (for the better). 45psi front, 50 back, Olly at 55psi. 1411 lbs official payload is 'just' enough to cover our needs, no extra capacity. CAT scales show 3280 lbs front, 4100 rear, 5740 trailer, 13120 gross weight (trailer with full water, empty gray and black). (This puts us over the 7000 gvw for the truck by 380 lbs... we've since trimmed that down, but still not under) When hitched up, the rear end squats down, but the Anderson helps and certainly makes the whole thing feel MUCH more solid and connected. The Olly tows beautifully. No trace of sway. Never feels like the truck is straining. We've gone up and down some steep grades (over the Tetons, across Death Valley). Always had plenty of power, automatic engine braking helps with descending. Have driven is some very adverse conditions - high winds, snow and ice, high altitude. No problem. Got into some deep moon-dust while towing on a mining road and the 4 wheel drive had no trouble getting us through. Regular mirrors work well, no need for the extended towing mirrors. Trailer blind-spot monitoring works and has helped. Lane-keeping assist works well (though it becomes a nag on straight roads since the truck tracks very well and needs little input from the driver). Never thought auto high-beams and rain-sensing wipers would be useful, but they sure have been. So, final grade would be a "Meets or Exceeds" expectations. If I had it to do over again, I would choose a trim level that had fewer features (heck, we never even open that huge moon roof) in an effort to get back some payload. I've certainly considered moving up to the f-250 for the extra payload buffer (or perhaps the GMC 2500)... but, I don't think it's necessary.
  20. Does anyone have a good candidate for a replacement faucet? Current one uses a LOT of water, hard to control, difficult to 'pause' during shower and return to the same temperature!
  21. Is this the first experience you've had with a MaxxFan? If so... We've had two (in different campers) and they both made a VERY loud sound when opening, which does sound like it's struggling. It's the same noise opening and closing. Toured another Oliver recently, and the first thing they asked was if our fan made the same noise (it does). We DID have an issue with the motor making a pronounced ticking noise when running, we contacted MaxxFan and they sent us a replacement motor which cured that problem. So, if you know the fan is acting oddly, their service department was very responsive for us.
  22. We just had the service done (currently staying in Phoenix AZ). Dexter was great, very responsive. They helped us find a local service provider and worked directly with the one we chose to confirm the service and handle payment. As pleasant as it could be under the circumstances. For what it's worth, none of the nuts were loose when I inspected before the service (I also found the bottom nuts to be difficult to access).
  23. I like your vent solution, Mainiac. Airflow into the bath is MUCH less than the main cabin, but it's enough to take the chill off. We mostly travel in warmer weather and keep both roof vents open all the time anyway. If it's a cold day and we want more heat circulation in the bath, turning the door handle to the lock position before closing creates enough of an air gap to keep things flowing between rooms.
  24. We just experienced a gray tank backup into the shower pan (we can see the water level right at the top of the drain). We've been in the same camping spot for a week. The tank level was at 88%, so we weren't worried. Found this thread with the forum search. Checked the level on the trailer and found that during the week, the trailer had settled into a nose down (1" low) position. I raised the front into a 1" high orientation, and after some initial gurgling into the shower pan, the water level dropped back down the drain. Noticed the other tank levels also changed significantly in the nose-up position. Didn't appreciate how sensitive the tanks would be to leveling and will be paying more attention to that in the future!
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