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Weigh Safe Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount


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Lately, I've seen several posts from new or prospective owners contemplating purchasing a Weigh Safe Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount (WS) to tow their Oliver with. These are good looking hitches that have plenty of capability. They have HEAVY-DUTY TOWING CAPACITY: Made of 17 lbs of Aircraft Grade Aluminum & Stainless steel, with an industry leading towing capacity (GTW) of 12,500 lbs.  The one I've referenced in the link above is the least expensive and has a four inch drop (6" 8" and 10" drops are also available.)

I bought one for the Outlaw Oliver about 5 years ago and, after a while, I was satisfied with it. It took me about a year to finally get one that would consistently work.  The first two I bought were returned and replaced (Other than my time and having to use an alternate hitch while waiting on their return there was no real cost to me).

The reason that I'm sharing this info with the group is to provide you with food for thought. The WS's singular claim to fame (after it's good looking cool factor) is that it measures the tongue weight of the trailer. I'd guess it's accurate to 10 pounds or so. This is very useful information for safety. And, if you own a half dozen different cargo trailers this is the hitch for you. With this hitch you can instantly know what any particular trailer's tongue weighs and you can adjust its load accordingly. But, if you are only ever towing your Oliver, very little will ever change as to the way you will load it and the tongue weight will essentially stay the same every time. Don't expect that tiny little gauge to last forever.

The WS from Amazon is listed for $308.99 + tax for your state. Not cheap. On the other hand there's this Sherline Trailer Tongue Weight Scale. Again, on Amazon, for $130.00. There are three models available; 1000, 2000 and 5000 pound capacities. They are all the same price because there is actually no difference between them other that the gauge. The 1000 pound model is all you will ever need for the Oliver. If you ever found yourself needing the bigger ones all you have to do is swap out the gauge.

Either of these two options will accomplish the same end. One is somewhat cheaper and is more accurate. The other still has that cool factor that is important to a lot of us. Since I own both, maybe that makes me cool minus about $310.00. But, all is not lost. After we got the bigger trucks, I moved the WS to Tali's GMC Canyon Diesel so it still sees some use with our other two cargo trailers.

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I like our Weigh Safe hitch. I do glance at the scale occasionally but it's the rest of the hitch I really like: the aluminum construction, the locking pin system, the interchangable balls. Just really nice design and quality. Did I pay too much? Probably, but in this case I don't mind.

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