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How to get the bugs off!


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1 hour ago, John Welte said:

Bill, I bought Rejex, microfiber towels and dryer sheets.  I thought I would apply some Rejex to the front before leaving Tennessee.

All good choices.  

However, I found that even though it does a good job (when applied correctly), Rejex is harder to deal with as compared to similar products - like the products from DuraGloss.

After a couple of years of using the Rejex/DuraGloss formulations I have simply returned to using Meguiars Premium Marine Wax (Like This).


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When I was flying a club Cessna, I used Adolph's meat tenderizer on the leading edge to remove stubborn bugs. The  Enzymes seem to work and I would use a Starlite product after to seal the surface.

That was a few years ago and there must be better products available as previous posters have suggested.


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As others have mentioned just keeping a good coat of wax on the gelcoat and using warm water and a mild carwash soap keeps our Ollie looking great. And yes plenty of elbow grease. 👍🏻


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