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Microwave no power while in storage without shore power


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My Ollie microwave does not have power and I cannot get the AC blower to start once it has been in storage for a few weeks just sitting.  Solar is doing its job and keeping everything charged and there is no load on the system.  I can reset everything and get all to work if I connect to shore power for a few minutes and then unplug and go back to batteries.  However, after another week, I am back to the same problem again with microwave being off when I enter the trailer.  Is there some reset process that I need to do?  

Thanks for any advice. 


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It would help if you would add details about your trailer and systems. 

From previous posts, I  "think " you have lithionics lithuum batteries. 

Is your inverter turned on?

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Are your issues when you are not plugged in to shore power?  Does everything work when you have shore power?  Without knowing what components your trailer has it is hard to diagnose.  Your microwave should need 120V to operate, so it won’t work off of your batteries unless you have your inverter on.  The AC blower is the same.  Your 12V things should work fine if your batteries are charged, but the 120V things need either shore power or the inverter.  Mike

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