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New Ford Towing Calculator

Galway Girl

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Ford finally launched their VIN specific towing calculator.  After inputting your VIN it allows you to input values for Passenger wt, box payload, and choose between Goosneck, 5th wheel or conventional bumper trailers.

it calculates remaining available tongue weight and total max trailer weight.


link below:




The towing support you need.

Towing just got a whole lot easier with the new Towing Calculator. Follow these steps to help make sure you’re within your vehicle’s towing capacity:

  1. Log into www.ford.com/‍support/ using your existing account information.

  2. Once logged in, click on the Towing Calculator tile in your owner’s dashboard.

  3. The calculator will automatically pull in your vehicle’s towing capacity based on your VIN number.

  4. Add your occupant, cargo, and accessory weight.

  5. Determine whether or not you’re within your vehicle’s towing capacity and make adjustments accordingly.

It’s that easy!

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2019 Elite II (Hull 505 - Galway Girl - August 7, 2019 Delivery) 
Tow Vehicle: 2021 F350 King Ranch, FX4, MaxTow Package, 10 Speed, 3.55 Rear Axle
Batteries Upgrade: Dual 315GTX Lithionics Lithiums - 630AH Total
Inverter/Charger: Xantrex 2000Pro 

Travel BLOG:  https://4-ever-hitched.com



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32 minutes ago, Galway Girl said:

Ford finally launched their VIN specific towing calculator.

You beat me to this post by about 23 minutes!  Good thing I checked the sidebar to see what the latest trends were.

You were much more thorough that I was planning to be, by the way.

Thanks for the share.


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So interesting that max trailer weight is different than sticker on my truck.   Payload is correct but max towing is a bit less.  Now I’d never get near the sticker or calculator but thought it is interesting that it is different.  

I have read on some Superduty forums that some of differences are significant and folks are rightly upset if Ford is changing specs after they sold a truck.  I am guessing maybe calculator needs some work otherwise expect lawsuits if they sold a truck rated for 20k lbs of towing that now says 15k lbs.   

2021 Legacy Elite II Hull #807 - 2021 F150 w/ 3.5L EB and max tow package 

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