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  1. Small world. I was a voltmeter product manager at Fluke in 1978-82 for that handheld DVM (and other products) that Frank C showed. It was designed with tests including driving over it with a fork lift to see if we could squish the case. The person who was our mechanical designer iterated several times until it stood up to our abuse goals. I still have (and operate) Prototype 004 at home. CS
  2. Mossemi: In the Lithionics app you see each battery as it's own entity. They have a specific SN and you can rename them ...like Battery 1, Battery 2 or Front/Rear etc. In the Lithionics app then you see each battery on or off and it's specific details. Folks with 3 Lithionics battery configurations have 3 different battery screens available to look at the details. For the Platinum Package with 2 of the 315AH batteries you see 2 screens. In our case we also installed a Victron Smart Shunt on the negative side of the bank of 2 batteries. This way we monitor the total of both batteries. (To do that we're using 2 bluetooth based apps, one from Lithionics and one from Victron.) CS
  3. If you have Lithionics Batteries, please check that the batteries are actually turned on (Blue lights and switch should be on the top of the batteries). I've heard of some cases where one or more of the the Lithionics batteries weren't turned on at all...and as a result the owners were only using 1 battery out of a bank of 2 or 3 Lithionics depending upon the battery package you have. Also there is a service note out you should check out :
  4. In March I reported my Truma water heater failure to NHTSA. Instantly on the call they asked me to identify by Brand/Model/SN the LP Gas Regulator. They said at that time they were tracing down many regulator/parts failures and about to do a big recall. After sharing pictures of our Regulator and Fittings they said our Oliver installed parts aren't the brand/model in their recall. CS
  5. It depends on your generator...our Champion has a fuel flow safety device on the hose, plus a regulator. We were able to remove the "regulator from the fuel dispenser" and put on a quick connect male fitting. *Article here about that: https://www.mpking.com/2021/02/connecting-dual-fuel-champion-generator.html Here's video showing another persons solution. In any case the safety device needs to be connected closest to the Generator, then an extension feed can run the rest of the way back to your trailer quick connect.
  6. Curious, Was there no black replacement flange available that would make it an easier replacement job? Last November we had our toilet pulled due to leaks like you mentioned. When service finished the toilet was no longer set parallel to the walls and had a slight twist. I've been thinking about removing it to see what is happening. Your pictures look like they might be rotated 90Deg from each other....so it's hard to reference how the two flanges aligned for the bolts that hold the toilet down.
  7. And double check that your outside hot water shower wand had the valves turned OFF. Once I had winterized and forgot to turn those outside shower controls back to off. With the wand head shut off, I was inadvertently cycling the hot and cold water through the system and it never got really hot. So...just for grins make sure the outside shower controls are truly OFF. CS
  8. Have you considered changing the outside curbside outlet to one with USB ports as well as the regular 120V plugs? That would be weatherproof, but it would require that you run the inverter to get the USB power outside. You may be able to change that particular unit to have ONE 120V AC Outlet, and ONE with a USB Outlet that could then be wired to the 12V power that also runs the pump. There may be a way to see that outlet on the curb side under the bed, in our EII that plug would be between the water heater and the water pump on the sidewall.
  9. Just down the road east 14 Miles From Johnson City is the LBJ Ranch...which is a National Historic Park and a great attraction to visit. To tour it you first check in at the LBJ State Park Office and pickup a drive through pass. Then you continue onward onto the actual LBJ Ranch compound. In Johnson City you will find • The National Park Visitor Center where park rangers are happy to help you plan your visit • The Boyhood Home in which President Johnson spent his childhood • The Johnson Settlement where the President’s grandparents first settled in the 1860s The LBJ Ranch is located 14 miles west of Johnson City near Stonewall, Texas. A second visitor center, operated by LBJ State Park and Historic Site, is located near the Ranch. In order to see the LBJ Ranch, visitors obtain a free driving permit at the LBJ State Park and Historic Site Visitor Center. CS
  10. Booked as well for the Fri-Tue for the event. Maybe a rally will happen at that same time. It will be quite a poke from Everett WA back to TX for this so having a specific target for the event is a big help. See you there...
  11. Dry Camping vs. Boon-docking are maybe two different things....which are you planning? DEFINITION: Boon-docking - No Hookups, no designated campsite, go off road to find a spot in a desert/forest/mountains with some ruts etc to get to the chosen site. The road may be a fire service road that is pretty bumpy, rutted, not maintained. Dry Camping - No Hookups , paved or maintained gravel road getting to and even at the campsite. May or may not have water near by, pit toilets. Site has a designated number or space with markers (rocks/boulders/posts) for where to park the trailer. Maybe a fire pit and table. Considerations: For Boon-docking: In an Oliver Size & Ground Clearance: The Oliver is perfect fit as it's width and length make it very agile even in older small campgrounds. Ground clearance is very good with no plumbing hanging down below the trailer to snag You still need to be careful for rocks and steep slope changes mostly for the back bumper The suspension for the Oliver is pretty good for moderate off road use. *(There are better suspensions on other types of trailers) Water & Sewer: Water tank and Grey Tank are both limited to 30Gal, but has a standard boondocking port to suck in water from a bladder or tank. Black Tank is 18gal which is about 5 days for 2 ppl Option of a Composting Toilet for an Oliver to make off Boon-Docking a much longer experience. Electrical & Solar: With our Dual Lithionics 315 Batteries (630AH Total) and Solar we've gone 8 days without any sun and still had power. New Trailers are shipping with more solar wattage and use new Victron control systems Hope your search is useful and let us know what you decide. Our Blog is here if you are interested in use cases, pictures etc. https://4-ever-hitched.com Craig Short
  12. Here's how to check your sail switch....the outside panel of the furnace comes off with a few screws....the video shows what's inside (rotated 90 from how ours are mounted.) Sail Switch with pet hair shown below...but could be just dirty. The video :
  13. I replaced my rubber stems with metal stems. I don't think it was necessary now that I've had it a while. Even with the change over, I had one of those new stems loosen up on a trip, and I had to tighten it back up and put in air...and the TST system caught the leak. CS
  14. Our hull 505 in service Aug 2019 has a major Truma burner fail at 29 months. (past the 2 yr wty) The burner box no longer contained the flames on startup and we smelled burning plastic before we shut it down. Pix from video shows symptom of flames engulfing wiring and controls. We ended up buying a replacement and having a unit shipped to us by Oliver (as Truma local service was un-available). We had a local mobile tech do the re-install and all is well now. We were lucky this happens while daylight and I could take action immediately. When we installed the new unit, we secured the back side of the water heater to the trailer frame so it can't bounce at all. The old unit got shipped back to Truma for analysis in January 2022...we've still to hear back from TRUMA on the topic.
  15. I'll chime in that the PD 4045 Chargers (Progressive Dynamics) built in chargers that have been in the pre 2021 Olivers ...may have a jumper switch to set them to a "Lithium" setting. See below the jumper (Yellow Circle) labeled WIZ or LI. The other jumper (Green Circle) is for setting if your battery is WET Lead Acid / AGM -or- GEL . (All are actually lead acid chemistry.) Normally for all Wet, AGM batteries the setting for the yellow jumper is WIZ. The LI setting as described by PD Service sets a constant 14.6V voltage. The (Wiz or Wizard) is their setting for all lead acid chemistry batteries (Wet / AGM / GEL) The wizard provides a charging profile needed for many LEAD acid chemistry batteries. The PD Uni does NOT provide a wizard or profile appropriate for Lithium....just constant V out. Why's that matter? When we did our upgrade to "Lithionics" batteries we were told specifically by the Lithionics Engineering team that they would NOT SUPPORT having the PD Series of chargers used with their batteries. Specifically they wanted the charger to have a Lithium Profile included for their battery warranty and lifespan. Battleborn when queried told us the PD 4045 would work fine, then when challenged said they would prefer a charger with a LI profile, like those from Xantrex, Victron etc. for longest battery life. So if you are going to use WET Lead Acid, AGM or GEL batteries, then the PD 4045 will do fine if your trailer has that charger. If you are switching to Lithium, then double check with the battery manufacturer and let them know what specific charger is in your trailer.
  16. Geronimo John: There would be room to mount the small waterproof controller inside the sidewall of the battery box. I held my renogy unit up inside the box and it had clearance for the tray to slide, etc. It also looked like it might even fit ON the door if you were careful making sure no other big cables in the front of your box. Since our trailer already has a ZAMP Sidewall Port, I plan to plug my controller into that port and leave the box tucked up under the trailer somewhere. The zamp port we have runs from the side of the trailer (just rear of battery box)into the area under the curbside bed. It has a 20A fuse inline, and then it connects to the Ground and + 12V lines that then continue into the battery box. In my Kit I have the zamp solar cord with the proper SAE wiring connection for the Zamp Port on one end, and the Anderson's on the other to plug into my waterproof control box. The ZAMP SAE ports are reversed polarity from most other brands. This is so a cable coming from a solar panel doesn't have a male connector sticking out with DC+ on the connector. Craig
  17. FYI on Hull 505 - the spray hose doesn't have a coupler, just the pull our faucet in a loop back to the fixture. My next project will be John's most excellent rewire of the Fridge Outlet into a waterproof box!
  18. Which bay of drawers is that, I assume the one under the stove.
  19. John, Very slick to install that metal plate then mount the junction box to the plate. Am I interpreting correctly that you have have 4 screws securing the mounting plate to the water line backing plate? That should hold it pretty well as long as the backing board stays attached to the sidewall. Here's what I see inside my hull 505 with my impression of what you did: (*new backing plate yellow, mounting screws black, new box grey) As to your earlier post about the sink and the water coupler, my unit has no blue coupler on the pull out hose. The hose comes from the faucet, makes a loop back up to the nozzle with no coupler, but it does have a weight. I'll do the mod you just showed before I leave on our next long trip. Craig
  20. Welcome from Hull 505 in "Everett WA"... Here's our blog.... https://4-ever-hitched.com Let's connect via a PM and exchange contact info. Craig & Rose Short Hull 505 - Everett WA
  21. I buy much of my small anderson parts online from Powerwerx Anderson Connectors They have a good selection of tools, parts etc for many projects. Craig
  22. Portable Solar Upgrade: We are preparing for more trips where we will be camping in more primitive settings. In some cases we'll be in developed USFS campsites that have a fire pit but no water or electricity. To extend our stay and recharge our batteries without starting the truck or generator we've decided to pull together a simple external solar kit. We also want to be able to loan this kit to our family members who have other trailers with Zamp Solar input ports. Here's what's in our Kit: 2 - HQST Solar Panels - 100 Watt 12V Monocrystalline with MC4 Solar Connectors 1 - Renogy Voyager 20A PWM Solar Controller 1 - Harbor Freight Utility Case (For cables, adapters, and the Solar Controller) 1 - Harbor Freight Apache 1800 Waterproof Case (So I can leave the controller out in the rain if necessary) 1 - Pair - Solar Extension Cables with MC4 on one end (RICH SOLAR 20 Feet 10 Gauge ) 1 - Zamp Solar Cable (Modified to have Anderson Power Pole connectors on the end.) Misc - MC4 Y Cables, adapters and Fuses Cost: The total cost of this kit was < $300 ....a similar 200 Watt Solar Suitcase with controller is about $425.00. Our USE Model: Our kit is designed plug in to charge both the Aux Batteries in our truck bed and for our the main batteries for the Trailer. We also have made it portable so it can be loaned out to our kids and friends who also have a need for charging. Our F350 truck is setup with dual AGM batteries and has a Redarc BCDC1225D Dc/Dc Charter with Solar Inputs connected via 45A Anderson Power Pole Connectors. (Another whole writeup on that project is here: Link to Truck Power Port Project The Elite II units with Solar Options have an external Zamp Connector on the side of the trailer which is connected through a 20A fuse to the trailer batteries. That Zamp Port doesn't connect to the onboard Zamp Controller, so you need a second controller for external panels. In operation there are two way's we connect up the Solar Panels: 1) To charge the truck batteries, the panels connect directly to the Power Pole connector in the truck as it's connected into the Redarc Charge Controller. 2) To charge the trailer batteries, the panels connect through a Renogy 20A PWM controller to the Zamp Port on the side of the Oliver. System Overview Photo Repeated Below: All the components will fit into two cases, one for the solar panels & legs, and another in a utility box for the cables, controller and adapters. Solar Controller in a transit case: For Mobile and Loaner Use We want to be able to move the solar controller between various trailers in our family, so I decided to mount it inside a small waterproof transit case. The case has Anderson Powerpole connectors on both the solar input and controller output side of the case. These are nice connectors that are flush mounted into the box and include a dust cap for travel. Harbor Freight - Apache 1800 Transit Case $12 on sale Mounting the Controller: The Renogy Controller is mounted to a piece of 3/4" plywood cut in a U shape to fit inside the bottom of the transit case. This U shaped cutout helps hold the wire connectors up off the bottom of the case and gives room for the wires. I wired the Anderson Connectors using the 45 AMP pins to 10 AWG stranded wire. These wires are connected to the controller mounting screws via spade connectors. Case open to show the Renege Charge Controller and connections to Anderson Plugs Both the Input (Solar In) and Output (From the Charge Controller) use Anderson Power Pole Connectors Capable of 45A) The Carrying Case: All the cables, Y connectors, adapters, fuses and the whole waterproof case fit neatly into a Harbor Freight Utility Box. The Solar Panels and leg system along with tie down stakes will fit into a separate case to protect them during transit. There's even room left over for a voltmeter or other accessories like Crimpers or Cutters for solar troubleshooting. Harbor Freight Utility Box has storage in both the base and the LID area. Main Body of Box holds Cables and Controller in a waterproof transit case. The lid of the box also opens and has room for MC4 - Y adapters, Couplers and Fuses. In any case, hope sharing this give's some of you an idea for your own mobile solar upgrade. Craig Short Hull 505 - Galway Girl
  23. That wall mount amplifier channel is hooked up to the HDTV antenna. So when it's on , that input becomes the most powerful input and your TV won't see any CATV channels. So when you turn it off, then the CATV scan should find the CATV channels. One last thing, in my Hull 505 the factory had inadvertently wired the CATV input (outside) to the Satellite input and vice versa. So if you still don't get anything, stick the outdoor cable into the other outside input and rescan. After that I don't know what to tell you. CS
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