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  1. Jumping in as we use them as well... size of Action Packer that fits the Oliver Front Tray. Not suggesting you buy from Amazon, just using it to show the size etc. Craig
  2. Attached is the 2022 Brochure....below are the color choices for 2022. Oliver Travel Trailr 2022 Brochure.pdf
  3. We showed our trailer last week and the party wanted some quick measurements after the visit to make sure the EII would fit beside his garage. What he asked for prompted me to do this extremely rough sketch for him...and I thought dropping it here might be useful. It looks at the EII from the FRONTAL view, with the door and steps open. Text that went along with the sketch: Here are the measurements you asked for and a bit more on the front view sketch with Steps and Door Open. The drawing is at a scale of 3” per square, or 4 squares / 1 foot. Height: (T
  4. Thanks to both you and John for answers.
  5. Nice looking installation. Wondering - on 14.6...does the converter fan shut off when batteries are full? Sounds like it runs all the time now? When I had my AGM's the fan would run for a time while charging but shutoff after batteries were full. According to Progressive Dynamics this is what they told me about the converter and it's behavior: "Whenever you have shore power (or generator power if you have one), the converter is supplying the DC power for the 12 volt accessories and fuse board. If you disconnect the black and white converter wires that feed the 12V panel, or
  6. I have a better weigh that I received as a retirement gift. Used it a few times and it was within about 5% of scale weights. It's not a substitute for an accurate tongue scale or weighing at a weigh station, but accurate enough to be an interesting quick check tool. Craig
  7. John, Watching as we’re planning for a 2022 Alaska trip July-Mid Sept. We would go up to Canada from Everett and Loop Back through Spokane to hit Jasoer Glacier on way back. If you need a milepost book we have a spare 2020 I could ship to you. PM me if you want it. Craig
  8. We moved away from the orange packets and blue variety to Happy Camper and it really works. We put a scoop in toilet, fill to rim swish to dissolve and flush. Also couple quarts & 1/2 scoop for the sinks.
  9. Alan, NCEagle (John) found a slick use of a SW feature and sent this to me earlier in a PM when I asked that same question: "... I use the software switch called "Charger Ignition Control". If "auto-on" the charger won't work without a car ignition - which the Ollie doesn't have so the charger is off when that switch is on. Conversely, when the ignition control switch is set to "off" the charger will charge the battery whenever it has the power to do so." Craig
  10. Andrew, That's an EXCELLENT point, if you have the PD4060 it is on a 15 Amp AC breaker. Flipping that off will only allow the solar to charge your batteries. That would pretty much negate the negative side effects of having the PD4060 converter. I wish I'd thought of that one! Craig
  11. Ray and Susan - the pix John is posting are of things likely not in your trailer either because he's added them or they from the earlier model year EII's. Earlier models up through 2019 had a Progressive Dynamics 4000 Energy Center under our Dinette Seat. (PD4000 Energy Center under dinette seat, but with Cover OFF) - The PD4000 unit housed AC Breakers, SOME DC fuses (but not all) and the power Converter that charges our batteries. The rest of the DC Fuses were in a small fuse box in the attic next to the surge protector display. In the newer models
  12. Very nice job. I need to get some of those wire tags. I've been tracing wires like crazy trying to figure out how Oliver hooked things up as I prepare to swap out my existing factory installed Xantrex ProWatt Inverter for a new Xantrex XC2000 Pro Inverter Charger and new Lithiums. Scratching my head as many of the wiring diagrams are missing...for example, I don't have a wiring diagram at ALL for the 2000W ProWatt Inverter circuit. The AC power input to the ProWatt comes from the AC breaker panel and connects through an auto switch in front of the ProWatt 2000. The ProWat
  13. I'm in agreement, that there is a real need for a drop and go LI upgrade. You can in fact do a drop in LI's if you have the PD4060 with LI setting in your Oliver and be down the road pretty quickly. I planned to do that as well but I decided after research to upgrade to a smart charger/inverter along with the new LI batteries. Backdrop: Trailer manufacturers (including Oliver) are shifting rapidly away from the older "CONVERTER" technology as typical from Progressive Dynamics to newer Smart Charger/Inverters as they provide more benefits to customers and programmable profile
  14. That second breaker (bottom pix) is the main 60A Breaker for all the 12v loads for the trailer. Some leads run over to the DC power panel with 12V fuses for various circuits like Lights, Fans etc. There are a few of the lines to the right side of the 60A breaker are for things like the Propane Detector.
  15. Just sharing the specific "Trojan" Battery that shipped with our Oliver and all 4 died within 16 months. They were maintained per the standards set forth for warranty support. Properly charged using the onboard Progressive Dynamics Charger and the Zamp Solar. The Trojan Service contact stated these are made for them by a Chinese Manufacturer as their OEM line. He said they do often have problems with them but as they are only warranted for 12 months...I was not offered any compensation. Finally, the rep told me to buy the "Maroon Case" trojan if I want a good battery as they sta
  16. Forgot to say....to move from wet lead acid to AGM the change can be simple, depending upon the converter that’s in your Progressive Dynamics power center under the dinette seat. Also, do you have Solar (Zamp)?
  17. My 2019 shipped with 4-6v Trojan Black AGMs. They died after only 16 months. I was told on a call to Trojan support that black case AGM Trojans are not true Trojan batteries but an Oem’d brand Trojan Remarkets for cheaper price and only had 1 yr warranty If you want to buy 6v Trojan AGMs, buy the Motive T105-AGM maroon case Trojans which are a longer warranty battery. Craig 2019 Hull 505
  18. Just jumping in to say I'm also doing an upgrade to Lithionics GTX 315 Lithiums in May. I"m going big and doing dual Lithionics GTX 315A Batteries. These batteries are currently deployed into motor homes, and designed to fig in wheel wells of Winnebago's and a couple other Motorhomes. 2 Fit Perfectly in the Oliver EII battery tray. I thought about just doing 1 (which is close to 3 battleborns) and my wife encouraged me to go big...so I decided not to argue. I know there will be issues with enough solar to fully charge in one day, and needing to install a DC/DC charger...
  19. I think my wife's sister and husband are very near your site at Big Bend as they sent us this PIX...is it you? Hull 571 My wife sister says they have a broken slide in their motor-home and awaiting a repair man. They are golfers as well...and have done the Maine and Novia Scotia trek in their motorhome...so maybe some common ground if you're interested. Put a private message to you as well. Craig & Rose Hull 505
  20. David, Very good reminder... I'll check mine again before my next trip. CS
  21. I'm working with Oliver and Lithionics. Lithionics doesn't sell direct to consumers. Xantrex is used because that's what Oliver Factory is using and supported by Lithionics.
  22. John -- So having the ability to turn on or off the charger is useful...and that I should let the lithiums drain down further before recharging. Does that mean while connected to shore power I should turn off the Xantrex 2000XC Pro charger until the batteries are down to 50% ? FYI: The batteries I'm using come from Lithionics and are internally heated with embedded wireless BT monitors. They also have integrated ON/OFF switch for cutoff of power for safety and storage. They are now being offered by Oliver as part of their new Lithium Platinum Package. Attached is the full d
  23. I'm starting a Lithium upgrade on a 2019 Elite II Hull 505 - I've reviewed many other posts and projects (thanks for your postings) and decided to start this one to document my project to install new Lithionics batteries. Comments from those of you with experience very welcome: Overview: Lithium Upgrade Project: Reason I'm upgrading: My 4 AGM's finally died this spring. I've got some time now to do this project now before a 9 month road trip later this year. There are three ways that batteries get charged in hull 505: 1) From Alternator/7PIN 2) From AC Sh
  24. Just for fun you can look at the Oliver Outfitters List on Amazon for all kinds of electrical adapters, testers, hoses, filters etc. For most items there are comments above and to the right of each item that are specific to Oliver use cases. See it here: https://amzn.to/2mAAgPO Check out reviews of campgrounds we've had our Ollie here: https://4-ever-hitched.com/around-the-northwest Craig Short Hull 505 - Galway Girl
  25. Very great job again! I'll look for the main post for the project when it arrives. I'm starting my designs for a Lithium Upgrade so I'm drafting behind you. Loved that you used what I assume are MBRF fuses on each lug. Great space saving safety feature. I can wait for the main posting but I'm curious, how did you mount those red and black through terminal studs? Is there room on the backside of the battery enclosure to reach up and put on backing plates for the hole down bolts etc? When I looked under the seat of the dinette (red stud side) inside it looks like you would nee
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