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Cleaning RV weep holes on your Oliver.


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Great video, Chris!

When I clean my windows and take out the rubber and plastic parts they go straight into a bucket of soapy water (Dawn) to soak while I’m cleaning the tracks.  Makes it a bit easier to get the grime off of them.  I usually treat them with some 303 and let it dry good before reinstalling.

I did replace my exterior lights a few years ago.  I got tired of the black streaks and the gaskets were getting old and deteriorating.  I found some on Amazon that are about the same form factor but are all metal, not plastic.  I had to make my own gaskets, ordered some thin rubber and used the lights to trace the shape.  No black streaks anymore and the lights work just as well if not better.

RV Lights on Amazon

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25 minutes ago, GrayGhost said:

Does anyone know if the little plugs that he shows in the top holes are available anywhere?

I assume that you have contacted Oliver Service?

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