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Plastic disk in tank dump discharge

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I found this piece of plastic when I removed the sewar hose. Looks like it’s possibly from a tank cut out. We thought it took a little long to empty our gray water tank, but being our first trailer, we didn’t know any better. Anxious to see how it empties now. Ours is a 2021 model year219601E6-B2FA-48F0-80C2-7E379D9D3F1A.thumb.jpeg.6304852049c68fa6de620c92f3999bef.jpeg

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Either way - the tank has got to empty faster now And it will also store more too!😆

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😳 Glad it passed through your Olivers plumbing system. You may want to just pass this photo and a short write up on to Oliver Service that you discovered this in your tank. This should not have happened and they can pass this information along to the plant to preempt future issues and sharper 👀. It could have resulted in a costly repair. 


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