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5-7 cubic feet Chest Freezer Recommendations that Fit through Entrance

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Hello to all! I'm looking for recommendations for a 5 or 7 cubic feet chest freezer that would fit through the doorway.  I am a carnivore, so I order my meat in bulk and I will place this freezer in the dinette area or at one of the twin bed areas.  It is a challenge finding widths that will fit through the entrance opening. Thanks!

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That's a huge, (though small) home size freezer, 140 to 150 liters, 5 cubic feet. 

That's the size of an Ollie fridge.

You may have to look at multiple smaller danfoss/secop freezer units. Or, convert your existing fridge to a freezer (multiple secop/  danfoss units available) and use a portable unit, instead, for refrigeration. 

Virtually NOTHING  that i know of, 5 cubic ft will fit thru the door, AND fit under the dinette table. Look around, and you'll see.

Multiple units can. But, added amp hours. Are you full timing? Do you actually "need" to carry that much frozen product?

Ps, I fixed some of your typos, since your edit time as a new member us limited. You're welcome.



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  • The title was changed to 5-7 cubic feet Chest Freezer Recommendations that Fit through Entrance

I’m a carnivore, well more like an omnivore, but I can’t imagine wanting to share my Ollie with a freezer of those proportions.   Have you considered something like an Engel or National Luna that resides in the tow vehicle?

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As Sherry points out, a 5 cubic foot freezer is a ton of frozen meat storage. A rule of thumb is one cubic foot of freezer space will store 35-40 pounds. So it's actually only about 175 pounds, but still. I know you are looking at an Oliver to buy, but unless you're planning to travel with a fully grown timber wolf, it's going to be hard for you to consume that much meat in a reasonable time.

I'm all about overkill and no one will ever accuse me of being a minimalist, but while I think your idea is sound it may be perhaps a bit unrealistic about what you really need. We travel with a 75 Liter Dometic dual zone freezer/fridge combo. Either or both sides can be fridge or freezer. It equates to about 2.6 cubic feet of storage. The great thing about going in this direction is that it will run off either 12 VDC or 120 VAC. It lives in the bed of our truck with its own Lithium battery and solar panels set up on the roof of the camper top. It will easily store enough fresh meat to keep that wolf happy for a couple of weeks.

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