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McHitch versus Hitch Ezy

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Thanks for the post. I want to get an articulated hitch. I have had 2 trailers with them. They definitely help. We have already been in a few situations where I wish I had one. 


Kirk and Carrie Peterson

Twin Falls, Idaho

2018 Ram 3500, with overland conversion: Rooftop tent, water, stove, Battle Born batteries, lockers, onboard air, raised air intake, Warn winch. 

2023 Elite 2, twin beds, delivered December 5, 2022 Truma package, lithium platinum package.
Hull #1305

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12 hours ago, Wandering Sagebrush said:

Interesting hitches…

Very interesting.  But not inexpensive.  The Hitch-Ezy costs from $1290 to $1575 plus $290, Australian, for shipping to the USA.  That converts to from about $1K to about $1200 in US dollars.

I suppose that expense makes sense if you take your Oliver on really bad roads.


Hull #1291

Central Idaho

2022 Elite II

Tow Vehicle:  2019 Tundra Double Cab 4x4, 5.7L with tow package


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