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  1. I know TG the folks interested in the Ollies are as unique as the product. We are not 100% sold on AS yet. We did some analysis using the current pricing I got from Anita vs a 2017 25 FC FB Twin. We configured both as we would want them as you know AS doesn't offer a plethora of options as Oliver does. An Oliver equipped as we would like it comes in at a tad under 67k. And this is with a Dexter EZ flex not the good HD suspension some talk about here. By the time we're done with NJ transfer registration etc we are at about 70. The AS as equipped (solar, AGM, convection micro, awning pkg
  2. We looked at and test drove a Renegade Vienna out at Fretz the day we saw the Ollie. Seemed like a nice coach, good finish 1 slide. There was another mfr there with real nice interior no slides. The name gets by me....a family run line Duncan or something. We decided that + toad = 2 much yen.
  3. I apologize in advance for the wordiness of this post. This has a chance of being my swan song here on this forum so I'll just let it go. This is a good thread and I'm glad John, a new owner started it. It seems Reed and Karen do have a serious problem that seems related to their build, but also from reading through this forum a good chance exists that Oliver will figure it out and help them correct it. I don't believe this thread or ones similar should "scare" a prospective buyer even a newbie to the scene such as myself. What should scare anyone is the thought of of purchasing any RV a
  4. I'm currently a Building Official but from the time I was in High School, for the next 30 years I was in manufacturing. I ran a plant that made flight control systems for military and civilian aircraft. This equipment was mostly actuators that controlled flight surfaces like flaps, tail rudder, pitch and yaw, for Black Hawk helicopters, F-16 Falcon, YF-22, F-14, Boeing and Airbus. Most of the components were manufactured in house, but we also had a substantial vendor list. In that high volume and high precision environment I learned one thing: You cannot INSPECT quality into your finis
  5. It is not good. 2x to figure out how to log on! Bad interface for droid users. Have not checked iPad or pc yet.
  6. I was wondering about that. He seems like an analytical type, like a few of us on here. Was looking forward to his impressions.
  7. OK I went over the build sheet to price what I believe we would want. There may be a couple of small gotchas that are not listed like extra hatch(s) or if I can talk them in to my lower plate mod for sewer access....that aside, the big take away is: What is "Twin Bed Riser Package"? (+ $1,000) I have not seen this or read about it on anyone's build. I guess it is raising the height of the beds for deeper storage?? but aren't these bed platforms molded in? Secondly, I am on the fence (but slightly leaning towards) Solar capabilities. The main reason is "know thyself" and while I ma
  8. Looks like a great resource to owners and prospects. Kudos to all involved.
  9. Didn't have to. The responsive sales force (Anita) caught my post here and sent me one. Thanx. :)
  10. Does anyone have or can lead me to current prices on offered options? I've asked their sales but they just emailed me the options without pricing.
  11. It may be. Stan & Lindas unit we looked at had a macerator installed, seemed to have lots of room in the bumper storage. The hose for the macerator is only about 1" or so in diameter. That makes a huge difference. I do not like macerator systems. I have 2 friends who use them and both say never again. The pumps/grinders can and do fail and after that unless equipped for repair, what do you do with a full tank and no way to empty it? One friend who camps frequently carries a re-build kit in his on-board tool supply. Nasty work, or so I'm told.
  12. This was a great thread. Thanx to all who provided information and links to informative articles. I learned a bunch in about an hour of reading. I can draw from this that since our boondocking will be limited to 3 days or so at most, and I will have a genset the zamp controller seems the way to go for us.
  13. This stuff is a good bet. Close to original size and will probably outlast the shades....https://www.ebay.com/p/?iid=351988397092&lpid=82&&&ul_noapp=true&chn=ps
  14. We're going to look at a FC25 FB Twin. There is a big AS dealer just 20 miles from me. Thats all they sell, although they take and sell trade ins of various types. I figure we have to get a close inspection of this also. I wouldn't want anything larger. I asked about thermal windows the FC does not offer them, IDK if other models do. We are not extreme weather campers, on very hot days Id rather be out on the water but we do like our AC for those muggy nights and Fla trips. In a way I'm fortunate to have some time to compare, right now our travel times are extremely limited due to care
  15. Yea tooling up for that, huge investment. Grady White boats went to the tune of 7million on new molds and such for the SeaV2 hull. A 30' Ollie would probably be very heavy as well. After reflecting I agree, a lot of the charm is in the size. And Carole and I are not the sit in the camper types. And there is the ease of towing and maneuvering. It's good to have forums like this on all venues, so much information can be obtained from owners, without sales hype. Thanks to all.
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